7 Producer/DJs on Why Rainbow’s So Awesome


Say what you will about the controversial Rainbow Serpent Festival; some of the biggest heavyweights in the doofing music scene have no shortage of kind words to say about the famous event.

Here we’ve collected comments from a selection of interviews and social media posts where DJs and producers have defined just exactly what it is about Rainbow that makes it such a special experience.

1.This year’s Market Stage closer Patrice Bäumel is well and truly in love:

Rainbow Serpent is the one party I look forward to the most all year, as an artist as well as a raver. It is my first big show of the calendar year. The phenomenal sound of the Market Stage is where my systems are calibrated and standards are set for the rest of the year. For me it is the best party in the world. From the flawless logistics to the amazing psychedelic art gallery to the best food I’ve had at a festival, you can feel the attention to detail everywhere.

What I love the most is the quality of human interaction, the many encounters with the kindest, most generous and enlightened people. Once again, many friendships have been forged“.

And on a separate occasion:

Rainbow Serpent is right at the top of my festival ranking worldwide. Not only is the sound the best I have heard anywhere, the connection between people feels amazing and very pure. The atmosphere absolutely blows my mind. The festival is right at the heart of the psychedelic revolution that is going on in many places at the moment.”

2. Prog maverick Guy J on Australian festivals he’s loved playing at:

“I played Electric Gardens Festival in Sydney and Rainbow Serpent Festival in Melbourne. Both were amazing and had a great energy; that’s what’s important!”

3. Mensch (AKA David Engel) on his favourite performance ever:

“Probably my first ever!…[but] for an honourable mention, I played a sunrise set on Monday morning at a Rainbow Serpent theme camp. There was only a small crowd, but they all stayed with me for the full 2 hours, and everything just ‘clicked’. To get scientific about it: we achieved ‘group flow’.”

4. Super Flu’s all about the Rainbow crowd:

“Last time we were there we met these two amazing koala girls and it was love from (sic) first sight, so we simply have to see them again.”

5. Market Memories put it simply this year on his Facebook page:

What an amazing festival!”

6. While Eemus reveres the team behind it all:

Had such a great time at the festival which always goes over and above with all the effort, art, design and love that goes into it all. Massive thanks to the Amazing Rainbow team for giving me this set and for everything they do…Can not thank you enough…..

Was another dream come true being able to play again on Market Stage. Loved having so many beautiful people making it out to my set on the Saturday morning as the Sun was coming up. Either partying all night or setting alarms to get up. Appreciate it sooo much!! Love you all!!”

7. Nakadia on the popping of her Rainbow cherry:

“What an incredible experience at Rainbow Serpent Festival last weekend! The festival is something like the Australian version of Burning Man. 20,000 amazing people dance in the desert for 5 days nonstop. The vibe was really unique… Thank you Australia! Now I understand why everybody here loves this festival so much.”

We love our DJs, but sometimes it’s nice to remember that they love us too…

Have any of your favourite music geniuses heaped glowing praise (or otherwise) on Rainbow?

Let us know in the comments below!

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