BEC (Second State, UK)


BEC’s unusually great talent caught the attention of the Berlin-based renowned duo Pan-Pot who didn’t waste time in sealing the deal with her among their pool of exceptional talents under the Second State label. PULSE Magazine even named her as one of the Top 10 Leading Ladies of the Underground which is no surprise at all when you track her contribution in the music scene.

BEC’s career is still very young, and so she is. In her early twenties, BEC has already established herself brilliantly in the music scene by performing at the finest clubs all over Europe (London, Berlin & Barcelona to name a few) and some parts of Asia including Hong Kong. Her charm & very unique sound connecting the boundless spaces of grooving & cerebral techno is favoured by both club crowds and the elites which makes it all the more amazing.

She is young, talented & thirsty for more so we can expect to see her spearheading the scene in the years to come.

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