Birrang Miil (Australia)


Birrang Miil is a conventional name from the Wiradjuri clan of Australia, given to the inventive statement of 2 siblings, recounting narratives of the land & stars with important journeys through music. Another dynamic fusion from makers Beatrix and Soundwave, you can expect a blend of natural and inborn components submerging us in the perception of the dreamtime. With a variety of techno-roused percussions and local rhythms, let your psyche go trekking as you dive into an inception of higher awareness.

An innovative combination of indigenous rite with cutting edge music, the Birrang Miil Mob will be exhibiting the best span of Psytrance and it’s most antiquated roots in customary aboriginal ceremony. Entangling customary dance, dialect and instruments to Birrang Miils’ now natural sound, this Mob endeavor to take you on an adventure. At Earth Frequency 2019, join The Birrang Miil Mob in the festival of dance and function. Come be a witness to this unique showcase. 

Birrang Miil Mob are over the moon to be invited back to perform again at the amazing Earth Frequency ❤️❤️ 3rd Eye…

Posted by Birrang Miil on Sunday, February 3, 2019
Welcome to Earth Frequency Festival 2019

Earth Frequency Festival returns in February 2019! 4 days of music, art, workshops, markets, community and connection 💚🌿25% of Early Bird tickets remaining, grab your tickets here ⇢

Posted by Earth Frequency Festival on Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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