Bush Doof Essentials: 20+ Items Doofers Can’t Live Without at Festivals

Doofers – what’s the one item that you absolutely must bring with you to any bush doof?

We scoured social media for answers. And so, here are the top 20 things we discovered doofers can’t live without when they attend bush doofs.

1. Phone

Image by ben o’bro

Seriously, who can live without a phone these days? Bringing a phone to a bush doof means you can capture the sweet sets on video, do your mandatory selfies for the ‘gram, and capture those crazy, fleeting moments that can happen only in a doof. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to bring your charging cord and external battery pack for when your phone battery runs out. Also, zip-lock pouches to protect them with in case you want to wet.

2. Cash

Image by Jimi Filipovski

So you’ll have something to spend for food and supplies (in case you run out) and whatever stuff you fancy at the bazaar/market/whatever that the festival has. Don’t bring a lot because you’ll end up spending everything.

3. Earplugs

Image by Margus Kytta

Doofs can be LOUD. Love your ears and bring two sets of earplugs – one for dancing and one for sleeping. Bring a box so you can share them with your mates.

4. Doof stick

Hey, everyone’s got to have a doof stick. They’re colourful, they’re fun, and your cooked or drunk mates can easily spot them in the crowd if they’re lost.

5. Toilet paper and hand sanitisers

Image by Fikri Rasyid

The supply of toilet paper at festival toilets isn’t infinite, so better bring your own just in case. Also, hand sanitisers are a must – icky hands are icky.

6. A hat and sunnies

Image by Joseph Kellner

Gotta shield yourself from the hot bush sun, ey?

7. Water

Image by Jorge Alcala

Water is life at the bush. It keeps you cool and hydrated, and it helps you stay clean as much as you possibly can at these occasions. Bring a large, refillable bottle of water (or two), plus a reusable cup.

8. Deodorant

Image by Godisable Jacob

Just because you can’t have a shower doesn’t mean you have to stink too much, yeah?

9. Baby wipes

You may want to hoard baby wipes at a doof. These things are great for cleaning emergencies. They’re also handy when you feel like you really need that shower and can’t have one.

10. Lip balm

Image by silviarita

Dry lips are painful. A lip balm can keep your lips soft, moisturised, and… ehrm, kissable.

11. Breath Mints and Gums

Image by Aleks Dorohovich

Oh, breath mints. They do more than just keep your breath fresh. They also keep your tongue from sticking to the roof of your mouth when you’re too busy dancing to realise you’re thirsty. They can also keep your throat from getting sore.

12. Lollipops

Image from rawpixel.com

Lollipops are sweet and great for sharing. Also, great energy boost so you can keep dancing on the floor.

13. Snacks

Image by Tookapic

For when the munchies hit you and the festival store runs out of food. A no-brainer, yeah?

14. Inhalers

To clear your nasal congestion, which can easily happen with all the dust literally flying at doofs.

15. Tweezers

Image by HeungSoon

Have you ever tried to endure a splinter in your skin, especially on your foot? Of course not. Tweezers take care of things.

16. Band aids

Image by msumuh

For taking care of those scrapes and scratches, even if you don’t remember where or how you got them.

17. Torch or flashlight

Image by Engin Akyurt

For finding your campsite or your way around the festival grounds in the middle of the night. Or for signalling your mates in the dark.

18. Pen and paper

Image by Calum MacAulay

You’ll never know what kind of epiphany you’ll experience while tuned in to doof music. Best write your thoughts down before you forget them.

19. Ciggies, butt bin, lighter

Image by Enache Georgiana

Even if you don’t smoke, your mates might. Don’t leave your ash and butts on the floor if you don’t want to accidentally start a bush or forest fire.

20. Glow sticks

Image by Christian Wiediger

But of course.

What specific item do you absolutely must bring to a bush doof? Sound off in the comments.

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