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The youthful writer and maker, Chloé Herry otherwise known as CloZee, has made herself as one of the agents of the french electronic scene with in excess of 300 shows the world over in the previous 3 years, including exhibitions at celebrations like Coachella, Shambhala, Electric Forest, Lightning In A Bottle, Bonnaroo, Envision and more.

Her own melodic experience starts in 2011 when she shared her first guitar fronts of prominent pop tunes on Youtube. Being musically inclined that she is, she rapidly wanted to record her own songs. The more she finds the promising outcomes offered by her music creation programming FL Studio, the more her music is enhanced with electronic sounds. Her motivation extends by tuning in to specialists as various as edIT, Amon Tobin, Bonobo, Susheela Raman, Paco De Lucia and Hans Zimmer. 

She is only 18 when she shares her first sounds under the moniker CloZee. Neuroplastic Record, a small local label in London launched her career to release her debut EP Dubious. In 2012, CloZee played her first shows in France and refines her style by blending Bass Music injected with common sounds and true to life ambiances. 

On account of her one of a kind, astonishing style blending incredible basslines, out of control unique percussions, world instruments and passionate true to life sounds, she crushed the North American scene open from her most recent visits. As of now her tracks are broadly shared and is set to achieve nearly 40 millions of streams worldwide. Supported by her first album called ‘Evasion’, she intends to go on international tours and meet her fans everywhere. 

Considering CloZee keeps on getting inspirations from various sources that are practically everything around her – the climate, a dream, an experience, an artist, a painter – she once in a while sets down just electronic sounds. Her most loved roots are more often genuine and natural.

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