Blending unique examples, taped instruments, enormous sub wobbles and musical arrangements, Cosmoganic sets out a serious, cooled vibe specially created for the mind to fantasize, the spirit to drift and the body to move in random ways.

Cosmoganic is a unique electronic maker from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Mixing elements from Earth and Space, he makes stirring experimental sound wave ventures, bringing the audience to out-of-this world developing awareness and martian ground.

He plays several instruments such as bass, guitar, percussion, drums, and keys and consolidates their recordings into his electronic productions providing his music a particular melodic harmony of digital and natural surface.

Cosmoganic is a collector of unique musical samples from his tours locally & internationally, mixing them into complicated, nitty gritty creations; making one of a kind bass music evidences in the spirit of passion for all the natural and living.

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