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D-Nox is a German DJ/Producer whose vocation in electronic music traverses well more than 25 years. It all began for him with the electronic scene in the place where he grew up (Dusseldorf) in the mid 90s, marking his name in the music scene by likewise being a part of the pair D-Nox and Beckers who are in charge of different club hits in 2004 and is still releasing under famous labels with the likes of Suara, Sudbeat, Bedrock as well as through D-Nox’s own record name Sprout Music. 

About the year 1992 was the first occasion he got contracted to play in a night club and by 1996 he turned into a professional DJ. These initial years of his career made him a standout amongst the busiest DJs in his region, with various engagements in his hometown and nearby areas. He began to work as A&R for the record name Tatsu in 2001. This work showed him much more about the music spectacle and encouraged him to begin his very own record label called Sprout Music in 2003. 

Since 2004 the team have released more than 40 EPs and made more than 50 remixes.  From 2007 to 2011 they’ve released 3 albums entitled Left Behind, Big City Lights & Distance. Right now, D-Nox and Beckers still get a great deal of acknowledgment and keep on playing shows all around the globe as a duo. Be that as it may, due to D-Nox’s adjustment of location by moving to South America in 2016, he is presently concentrating on his solo performances with recent shows booked for 2018 in Holland, Germany, Turkey, England, Australia, Israel, Russia Poland, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina,  Hungary, and a lot more to succeed. 

Due to D-Nox’s transfer from Germany to South America, another partnership in the studio was shaped together with Victor Ruiz, a standout amongst the most requested DJs of today. In 2016, Victor and D-Nox created ‘Arise’ which was released on Sudbeat Recordings whose label was owned by Hernan Cattaneo. The track wound up exceptional as one of the most played tracks in current arrangements of DJ’s worldwide. They immediately followed up this track in 2017, with a second blockbuster on Sudbeat Recordings from Victor Ruiz and D-Nox, called ‘Pure’. 

At this point, D-Nox as well as D-Nox and Beckers have made significant guesting on events such as Rainbow Serpent, Tribe, Fusion, Lighthouse, Ozora to name some and including appearances on leading clubs far and wide. Scoring performances in more than 70 countries, this pair proves to be one of the most relevant underground music brand from Germany.

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