Dax Lee

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Dax Lee experienced childhood in the radiant piles of Santa Cruz. His late dad picked the name Dax from an anecdotal work by the creator Harold Robbins. Dax or Diogones Alejandro Xenos is the protagonist of the rough chivalrous novel “The Adventurers.” 

Dax Lee is a pioneer of the San Francisco Bay region electronic music scene. As one its best advertisers, Dax has worked persistently in the course of recent decades to give the finest music at the best occasions. As a VJ, he has done something innovative in planning and blending convincing visuals. Presently & finally, he has taken control behind the mixer to show his very own exceptional melodic vision. 

Dax moved into being a VJ with his first appearance in 1999 at the ESDJCO Invitational. His inspiration to start VJ’ing was to welcome what he felt was the powerless purpose of most events: the visuals. Utilising creative live video blending methods, Dax set up himself as the head VJ in the Bay Area doing performances for the likes of DJ Dan,  Afrika Bambaataa, and Derrick May. 

Apart from his warehouse festivities, Dax has tossed various club occasions with incredible achievement. The unbelievable Slide parties, the yearly Capricorn occasion, and the Nexus camp at Burning Man are only a portion of the first-rate activities Dax has engineered. 

With nearly 20 years of events added to his repertoire, Dax moved from the background to behind the mixer. He brings an abundance of melodic information and party knowledge to his job as a DJ. From profound bass-driven house to vintage techno, Dax combines the most recent sounds with great vintage vibes to make a continuing euphonic adventure. 

Since starting his blitz into DJ’ing, Dax has immediately settled himself as an innovative power behind the decks. Knowing there’s a correct track for the correct moment, Dax conveys a varied palette to his DJ shows. This musical range has attracted him front-act gigs for some of the world’s best DJ’s including Mark Farina, Seth Troxler, and the Dirtybird group. With an abundance of experience and learning readily available, Dax Lee has marvelously formed into one of San Francisco’s best acts.

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