The two of us realized recently that it's been 10 years this month since we started Truth, which just seems crazy! As it happens, Dre is going to be in New Zealand next week for the NZ Music awards, as we were nominated as best electronic artist this year. So, we figured, we have to put on a "10 years of Truth" gig, both of us together, in our hometown to celebrate! So that's what we're doing on November 18th with a 3 hour set!Check out this wee vid, we chucked together a small selection of some of the music we have released over the last 10 years! See if you know all the tracks, bonus points to whoever can post a full tracklist below. Even more bonus points if you own all of these! Also, please do let us know what tracks you think we should have included ;)Big up Mala for inspiring us to start making dubstep. It's been crazy. 4 Albums, 5 Eps, 36 Vinyls and way too many singles and remixes! Not to mention all the shows we've played and starting our label :)So yah. Book your flights and come celebrate with us next weekend hehe!

Posted by TRUTH on Sunday, November 5, 2017
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Since their debut in 2007, Andre Fernandez & Tristan Roake have carved their own avenue through the universal dubstep and bass music scene. Already familiar to the dance clubs and festivals, the pair travels throughout the year all over The USA, Europe, Australia & New Zealand just as figuring out how to break scenes customarily not widely secured by Dubstep acts in parts of Asia and South America.

Truth has broad DJ support from the likes of Datsik, Mala, Skream, Youngsta, Excision, Om Unit, Hatcha, and N-Type, to name some examples, giving their sound a notable spirit at famed night clubs around the world and through influential radio stations like Rinse FM, Kiss Fm and BBC Radio One. Truth has seen releases on a wide scope of brands, with their ongoing collection ‘Hollow World‘ from Firepower Records, just as appearances on Tempa Records, Deep Medi Muzik, SMOG, Rottun Recordings, and many more. Truth wound up sought-after as collaborators/remixers to Alix Perez, Datsik, Taso (Teklife), Shapeshifter, Kromestar, Silkie, Flowdan and endless prominent figures inside the universal bass music network.

4/20 in a Church….. in AMSTERDAM! Only final phase tickets left- this will sell out! 🐙👊🔊🐙👊🔊👊🔊🔊🔊🐙🐙👊🔊

Posted by TRUTH on Saturday, February 2, 2019

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