Doof 2019 is ON!

This years’ edition will bring us closer to summer and to a new location. After 16 years we are happy to announce that the 2019 edition will happen on the 7-8-9 of June during the Shavuot holiday.

About US

Back in the time when Hendrix and the doors were the best acid tracks around, UV, zirkin and Barkash all in the same elementary class started experimenting in music, UV &Zirkin were DJ’ing and organizing rock parties, Barkash with another class mate were trying their power in disco parties, all in their home town Rehovot . Years passed and after the 3 of them traveled  in different corners of the world, UV &Zirkin discovered electronic music and set their mind on doing something about it.

We were hard at work in the last few months to find the perfect location for our annual gathering, an amazing place with marvelous nature, shaded camping areas as well as hot and cold pools.

Doof 2019 will take place in the magical Hamat Gader!

As always we will offer a limited number of discounted early birds tickets that will be available online for a limited time!

The new location will have more options than the regular camping, including hotel rooms, air-conditioned pre-built tents and more. We will publish all the info soon. Feel free to send us a message to this page for more info and to get on the waiting list. 

DOOF FESTIVAL was born in 2004, being the only of its kind in Israel. UV, Zirkin and Barkash spend a few months every year dreaming and producing it. Doof festival is produced purely by Women Power: Tehila, Zohar, Chantal and Dana. The space is short to mention all the beautiful souls who contribute to the festival. Be it our own friends or Doof friends, who are there from the beginning, or new friends who love to create and added to the character of this festival:Building team, Decor team, Bar team, Kitchen team, Entrance team, Sound men, Djs, Volunteers.

Paganka Crew started back at 2004 with a goal to bring quality funky and underground music to the beautiful northen nature with our beloved friends as crowd and bring new standarts to the partys and festivals we love so much. As time passed by Paganka party’s became bigger, better and a unique milestone in the Isreali psytrance culuture. the goal remained the same – QUALITY.  Uncomprmaised music, crisp and fat sound systems, state of the art deco and the best crowd and vibes we can have. On 2011 Paganka Crew joind doof festival with the vision of making a true psychedelic experience. 

Within the big Doof festival you will find a magical little village called MaGaya. MaGaya is a family (roy (fritzi) fridman, yoav halevi, parastu naji, haim hersberg, nimrod (nimi) harel, hadarschindler) that gathers to create a meeting point bet23ween the different parts of society with a smile, to empower the human encounter beyond all the daily veils of illusion, by connecting the worlds of the spirit with those of the matter, by celebrating, bringing hearts together and sharing oneness. MaGaya comes to life as a zone with a rich musical array, new age content, workshops and ecological décor.

Official 2019 Lineup

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