Earplugs Are Your Best Friend at Any Bush Doof

Ask any bush doof veteran what they absolutely must bring to any doof, and they’re likely to have just one answer for you: earplugs.

Earplugs, really? Yes, it does sound a bit ironic, doesn’t it? Why would you need earplugs at bush doofs when you’re there to listen and dance to loud, rad beats in the first place?

Well, those rad beats can well and truly blow your eardrums. And while music festivals typically last only a weekend, hearing loss can last forever.

Potential hearing loss is real at bush doofs

The human ear is a delicate instrument. Deep within our ears are clumps of sensory hair cells, which allow us to perceive sound. These hair cells are susceptible to damage when exposed to high levels of noise. You may lose your hearing temporarily if you are subjected to short bursts of extremely loud sound. But if the exposure is gradual over time, your hearing loss can be permanent.

Sound is measured by the decibel, and the human threshold for sound is 85 decibels. This means you can be exposed to sound without fear of hearing loss as long as it’s at only 85 decibels or below. So you can have a grasp of what 85 decibels sound like, it’s equivalent to heavy city traffic. A whisper is only around 40 decibels, while normal conversation is like 60 decibels.

How many decibels are you exposed to at bush doofs? Well, bush doofs are loud. And I mean REALLY LOUD – approximately 120 decibels or even more. If you’re exposed to that level of noise, you can expect the hair cells in your ears to fry in a mere eight seconds. If you ignore it and don’t protect your ears, you can come home from the festival with permanent damage to your hearing.

Earplugs protect your ears from music-related hearing loss

Trust the veterans when they say you need to bring earplugs with you when attending bush doofs. Earplugs can block out sound up to around 40 decibels, depending on the type. It’s good ear protection even as you let loose to the music and the atmosphere of the festival.

There are actually two types of earplugs you need to bring at doofs. One is a music earplug, which reduces noise without degrading the quality of the sound. Music earplugs can let you enjoy the beats without letting the beats drum your ears into oblivion. The other is a sleep earplug. Doofs tend to be multi-day affairs, during which you have to sleep at some point. A sleep earplug will buy you enough peace and quiet for some shuteye.

Image via John Karwoski/Flickr

What to look for in music earplugs

No earplugs are created equal, so you have to be careful with the earplugs you buy. For music earplugs, it’s always best to look for high-fidelity ones. High-fidelity plugs will let you relish the exact tonal quality of the sound you’re listening to while keeping out the ear-damaging noise.

Among our favourite music earplugs in Australia are:

What to look for in earplugs for sleeping

Earplugs can also make a huge difference in your energy levels and how you endure a days-long doof. For a few sweet hours, you can shut away the noise enough for a snooze. Earplugs for sleeping come in different types – disposable soft-foam, mouldable silicone or wax, or reusable plastic. Always choose the type that fits your ear canal most snuggly. And since sharing is caring, buy a whole pack of them so you can share them with your mates at the doof.

Check out our favourite sleep earplugs (not in Australia, but available online on Amazon or eBay):

Trust the doof veterans when they say you need to bring earplugs with you on a bush doof. Earplugs are your best friend at any of these shindigs. They will save your ears from excessive noise and let you enjoy the music for years and years to come.

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