Eitan Reiter

Independent, Israel


Eitan Reiter is an absolutely distinct artist and producer, and somewhat a genius – earning achievements in each field he has strolled into. 

Aside from producing for artists, Reiter additionally made music for ads, motion pictures and applications. His music acted for a few advertisements like Castro, Gindi Holdings and Hamat, as well as mobile phone app infomercials like Any.do and Chegg. He likewise created music for a short Israeli narrative film called Sea Sick, a short animation motion picture by Liat Koren and his enormous hit Ups and Downs which has been modified by Perfect Stranger was also highlighted in Artificial Paradises (a Brazilian show movie).

He’s earned for a ton of remixes, among them World Music pioneers The Doors, Suicide Silence, Balkan Beat Box, Guy J, Erez, Noga, Timo Maas, and more. His Electronica music along with studio albums “Give It Life” on Armadillo Records & “Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To” on Aleph Zero Records has been widely recognised simultaneously.

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