Night Tide, Germany


Moonlighter by nature, Eluize aka Emma Louise Sainsbury uses her time composing, making and curating her personal touch of EDMs to soundtrack all hours. Her sonic research cross house, techno and acid joining one of a kind mixes of customary instruments, synths, drum machines and unblemished vocals.

Being a producer, her sound changes from dubby and open, through euphoric and symphonic to exceptional and acidic, consolidating a remarkable mix of philharmonic instruments, drum machines and synths and flawless vocals.

Her ongoing tours paved the way for her choosing from world class performances such as IFZ and Soundso Leipzig, Fusion Festival Lars, Südpol Hamburg, AWAY at ://aboutblank & Tresor Berlin, Masters Zagreb, Canvas, Le Batofar Paris and Wasteland Amsterdam, Charlatan Ghent, Lightbox London, WIP Barcelona, Het Magazijn the Hague, Lounge Lisbon, Hugo Tirana, S.A.S.H. and Goodbar Sydney, The Observatory Ho Chi Minh City and Savage Hanoi, Revolver and Boney Melbourne and more.

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