Esoteric Festival (Victoria, Australia)

Mar 8 at 12 PM – Mar 11 at 12 PM UTC+11

Esoteric Festival 
8-11 March 2019
Labour Day Weekend
Donald – Victoria – Australia

3-night psychedelic music, arts and lifestyle gathering.

There’s an old legend, a tale, a folklore, about mystic legends of the forest, not just any forest, an enigmatic and entrancing forest that inspires and tickles the curiosity of those whom are adventurous enough…

Bound by darkness above, fear not, as it’s contrasted with the brightest of spectrums and bedazzling of pigments. With tall trees that interweave, branch to branch in collocated rows, whispering sacred knowledge as they accompany you from realm-to-realm.

Your wellbeing is in good hands, the cosmic owl, a guardian of ancient wisdom and a mesmerizing gaze, which shall guide you. The owl knows the woods like the back of its feathers, you shall be protected as you venture throughout the wonderlands of Esoterica…


Esoteric Festival will be held at the same venue as last year amongst the gumtrees in Donald, Western Victoria.

Esoteric 2018


The festival location is at the corner of Gil Gil Road and Harris Rd, Donald.

  • Take Calder Hwy/M79 to Newbridge Rd in Shelbourne – 1 h 36 min (150 km)
  • Turn right onto Newbridge Rd – 12 min (18.9 km)
  • Follow Wimmera Hwy/B240 and Sunraysia Hwy/B220 to Racecourse Rd in Donald – 1 h 10 min (107 km)
  • Follow Racecourse Rd, Jeffcott St and Harris Rd to Gil Gil Rd. You’ll find signage along the way but the festival is right near the corner of Gil Gil Rd & Harris Rd. See you there!
Ascension Stage, Full On.

We know where you'd rather be… 6 weeks to go!!! 😉 <3

Posted by Esoteric Festival on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

TICKETS on sale now —

Strictly limited capacity!

Intended for or likely to be understood by only a small number of people with a specialised knowledge or interest.


Whilst we encourage everyone to have a fun time and be themselves, we encourage the following guidelines to keep everyone safe whilst having the best experience possible.

  • This is a leave no trace festival – littering will not be permitted and we are enforcing this policy to build awareness, appreciation and respect for our natural and cultural heritage. We share this land with natural wildlife, please respect their home! For the duration of the event please use bins provided and ensure your campsite is kept clean.
  • You cannot enter the site before 12 pm Friday 8 March 2019
  • The following gate opening times apply, please do not arrive to the gate outside of these times as you will be asked to wait till the opening hours.

Friday 12pm midday – Saturday 2am
Saturday 8am – Sunday 2am
Sunday 8am – Monday 2am
Monday 8am – 6pm

  • For local-friendly discounts that applies only to those who hold residency within Buloke Shire then please visit our Local Buloke Tickets page.
  • No passouts – shuttle buses are provided to access the nearby town Donald
  • Keep hydrated – dehydration is the main cause of hospital visits, there are water stations located throughout the festival site, some of which run directly to the stages. Now you won’t miss one banging tune to fill your water bottle.
  • Total fire ban- this includes gas ovens, candles, sparklers, generators and unauthorised fire twirling (any fire twirling must be pre-approved in writing by the organisers).
  • Look out for fellow Escoterican’s – if you see someone in trouble, help them!
  • Make yourself familiar with your surroundings including the water stations, toilets and first aid tent
  • You must wear your wristband at all times do not drive under the influence of alcohol
  • Camp only in designated camping grounds
  • Outdoor activities such as these are quite physical, you must keep yourself safe and enter at your own risk.
  • St John Ambulance will be onsite for your safety, they are Australia’s leading supplier of first aid services and training.
  • The trusted security services of NSA Security will be used throughout the event. If you see something not quite right then you are encouraged to let our friendly security crew know.
  • Firetac emergency response teams are trained and qualified to deal with any situation or incident that presents, especially when it comes to a fire. If Firetac requests anything relating to fire safety from you then please respect their decisions to make the best call on your behalf.
  • All stages are nestled in between a beautiful gum tree plantation that provides great shade for the majority of the day. However, it is still important to wear sunscreen to protect yourself from the harsh UV rays.

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