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Monday, June 5, 2023

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Purple Hayes (Madabeats / Airglow, Australia)

Purple Hayes (Hugo Hayes) is Australia's dark steed of dynamic trance. A special combination of brassy perks, obscured effort and encouraged experimentalism...
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Story time with Patrice – Woke Kids at Burning Seed

A special guest contribution from the AMAZING Patrice Young... During my burn I was genuinely curious as to what...

A young Berliner’s first Aussie Bush Doof…

If I had to describe my first bush doof experience in one word, I'd probably choose 'intense'. Originally coming...

Festival No.23 [Feb] (Victoria, Australia)

Festival No.23 is a new, electronic music and arts festival in the Macedon Ranges. Run by the crew...
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Where The Wild Things Are [Feb] (Victoria, Australia)

OUR STORY Where The Wild Things Are, Music & Arts Festival is a unique experience evolving throughout time with...

Murray Kyle (Independent, Australia)

Living from a life abounding with musical journey comes the auditory input of Murray Kyle. Hailing from the fancied Byron Bay locale,...

Random Rab (Independent, USA)

Rising up out of his own particular corner of the West Coast electronic music scene, Random Rab offers an incredible and special...


DJ Selecta (Sidebase Productions, Austria)

Phil Zeilinger (also known as Selecta) is a DJ & Producer who awes with notable stage presence,...
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