How to Prepare for an EDM Festival


It may seem like a small issue; but preparing for an EDM festival is more important than most of us would think. With all the excitement that comes from going to a doof and have fun; we may forget some things that will become problems later.

That’s why it’s not a bad idea to review a few tips that can make the whole experience go smooth and allow you to have fun without worrying having a bad time.

Be Well Informed

It may be common sense, but still, it’s very important to double check official websites and social media to get the dates, times and locations right. Not just that, you may want to be sure about certain details that involve food or any other thing you have to bring to the festival.

Also, you obviously don’t want to miss out on any event; keep your eyes peeled and remember to enjoy everything you were hoping to find.

The Weather

This can be one of the issues that can be easily overlooked; but you might want to avoid any surprise storms and prepare depending on the weather and temperature.

This includes any type of protection, if it rains, dress accordingly to avoid wet and muddy feet, if there is a raging sun, you have to go prepared with sunscreen.

Doof Squad

It’s always best to go with a group of friends, these events are very crowded and it’s easy to get lost. Having a group can make things safer and more fun. However there are no reasons to not meet new people along the way.

This is also important if the context of you being in a festival is a one man trip, in this case it might be better to find a few people to go with instead of going alone.

Food and Water

Of course these can be long events that can last a whole weekend, that’s why there has to be enough preparation in order to stay hydrated and with a satisfied belly. Since there’s going to be a lot of dancing, jumping and movement going on, it would be better to save big meals when camping or any time you know you won’t be in action for a while; that’s why it’s a good idea to have a few snacks to keep you going while in the middle of all the fun. Just in case eat well before going.

Now there is a very important aspect with the lack of hydration, and many news have shown the consequences of this. It’s very important to always have water with you. Water and electrolytes are essential for our bodies to function properly; which is why it is so important to re hydrate while your body is sweating out those nutrients along with toxins while dancing.

An electronic music festival, naturally, takes a lot out of your body, so never take your mind out of your body care for it and pay attention to the signs your body shows. Festivals are about being wild and free, not about waving and screaming for no reason whatsoever. There is no need to be ashamed if you can’t be jumping all the time, especially if it is your first time going. Make sure to rest enough for your body to be in great condition while enjoying the music, resting for a few minutes. Drink lots of water to regain your physical and mental condition. Dehydration and electrolyte imbalances can be the cause of muscle cramps, dizziness, and headaches. Most festivals have water for everyone so make sure to have a bottle ready to fill and drink up.


Our hearing can only take so much; of course the idea is to hear the music but, these events can be louder than our bodies can take. Using earplugs is nothing to be ashamed of and it’s certainly an important part of staying healthy. Even more so for people who go to festivals regularly.

It’s not very expensive and it can save you from permanent hearing damage so why not?.

Wear comfortable clothes and have fun!

There may be some other little things here and there but this covers the basics to be prepared and confident that it will be a good time.

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