Integer’ is the most recent innovation of Brisbane based DJ/Producer Ashley Hanson. Noted both locally and internationally for his drum ‘n’ bass activities under the label ‘Operon‘, Hanson has supported Australian drum & bass environment on the map with a strong release inventory on brands like Fokuz, Covert Operations, and also his own label Golden Orb Records

Integer released his second EP on ‘Golden Orb Records’, displaying what this producer does best; a profound, reverb loaded, hybridisation of dub, downtempo and climatic drum and bass. This EP shows the flexible, yet smooth nature of this makers’ way to deal with melding acoustic accounts with a plenty of electronic music styles, and trim the outcomes into a free-streaming movement that still manages a uniting, signature sound over the entire EP

The ‘Integer’ stage name has emerged to empower this gifted and multi-talented producer to push into fresh scenes and trends with a trancelike mix of dub, downtempo and grouchy electronica guided drum’n’bass. With two well-accepted EP’s from his ‘Brilliant Orb Records‘, Integer has made himself relevant worldwide and his ventures have seen him perform at key Australian celebrations including Earth Frequency, Eclipse, Island Vibe Festival, Rainbow Serpent, and played alongside artists like Alex Patterson, Banco de Gaia, Ott, Sunmonx, Spoonbill, Kingfisha and more.

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