Is Your Glamping Package Even Worth It?


If your glamping ticket’s only upgrades are fresh fruit every morning and about one extra square metre of sleeping room, is it really worth the extra $200?

Not all VIP packages are designed equally, so if you’re somebody who sees the word ‘glamping’ and punches in your credit card details without a second’s thought…maybe take a moment to reconsider the value.

(One could argue Netflix’s doco on the ill-fated ‘luxury’ Fyre Festival is testimony to this advice…)

The best way to know if your indulgent glamping fantasy is worth it or not is to understand how you normally choose to spend your time at festivals, and recognise what’s most important about the experience to you.

Don’t forget to check out pictures of how your glamping site will look. It’s also an idea to read reviews of last year’s glampers to see whether their experience was worth the extra moolah.

If you’ve done all that and you’re still on the fence, here’s a basic guide to help you decide if glamping this year’s for you…

Glamping will probably be worth it if you:

  • Prefer peace and quiet to late night noise and mayhem.
  • Are likely to spend a lot of time at your campsite and want to be ultra comfortable, cool and relaxed.
  • Are craving more of a luxury bush retreat than a dirty doof.
  • Can’t wait to lounge around in style for the Insta opps.
  • Only drink fresh bottled water.
  • Gag at the thought of non-private toilet areas.
  • Can only sleep on a proper mattress.
  • Need to have your smartphone charged at all times.
  • See the aesthetic value in awesome-looking tents.

Avoid glamping if you:

  • Are likely to hang out with your friends a lot in their non-glamping area.
  • Already have decent camping gear and can easily recreate a sense of luxury with what you have.
  • Disagree with the glamping zone’s economically and socially exclusionary nature and would rather feel a part of the larger crowd.
  • Are doofing for the first time and want the real authentic experience of being out in the sticks with strangers.
  • Couldn’t give two hoots about clean towels, extra room, air-conditioning or in-built flyscreens.

Whatever you choose, remember to make the most out of your experience!

After all, glamping or no glamping, we all like a party…

What do you think? Have you tried glamping? Did you think it was worth it or a rip off? Tell us about it below!

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