Jossie Telch live @Boom Festival 1

Finally the media is starting to roll in! This was taken aprox 45 min into my 2:30 hour set.. One of the best days for me by far! Can't even describe it, so I wont… Thank you to all the people and all my friends that shared the moment. Soon more videos of the closing part of the set when the floor was vibing the most! Big Love and thank you Boom Festival 2016

Posted by Jossie Telch Music on Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mexico City-based maker Jossie Telch has been making headlines in the worldwide scene for quite a while now. His first release in 2008, “Breaking Stereo” with Undergroove Music, quickly slung him to the top spot of Beatport’s Psy charts. From that point forward, the project has kept developing, enhancing and always reviving itself.

The result is a one of a kind brand of fat notch heavy techno with simply the appropriate amount of psychedelia, making Jossie’s sound ideal in any dancefloor. His portfolio as of now includes playing at Rainbow Serpent (Australia), Boom Festival (Portugal), Noisily (UK), Universo Paralello (Brazil), Envision (Costa Rica), Global Eclipse (USA), Tribal Gathering (Panama), Totem (Canada), Ometeotl (Mexico) just to give some examples and he’s also a part of prominent brands like Iboga Rec, Digital Structures and Undergroove Music.

Jossie Telch has always been passionate about his music with an extensive and built up foundation as a drummer and maker, which in 2004 prompted a degree in musical synthesis from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. He moved back to Mexico after Berklee establishing the advanced-in-class music studio from which he has been working on since.

Jossie’s skills included pretty much every feature of music making such as mastering, mixing & recording, just as jingle arrangement and film scoring. More than anything, he has collected unbelievable recognition for his unique and irresistible productions. Awed by his electrifying vitality and musical refinement, critically acclaimed label Digital Structures released his EP “Uncommon“. Jossie’s music have set sound systems on fire and audience throbbing at leading festivals like Time and Space in Mexico and Universo Paralelo in Brazil.

Super pumped to play Earth Frequency Festival this February.. second lineup announcement is looking so nice. CHECK IT!

Posted by Jossie Telch Music on Thursday, September 6, 2018
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