Kalya Scintilla with Eve Olution

Merkaba Music, United States


In the divine association of both crystalline sound design and the one of a kind style of embodied custom theater, Kalya Scintilla and Eve Olution welcome your spirit into a catalytic affair of heavenly craftsmanship dedicated to the heart.

With Kalya’s sound design and Eve’s dramatic management, the two artists began their one of a kind collaboration in 2012. Their point was to bring surfaces inside the music and live execution to introduce their audience to exciting dimensions inside oneself and on the dance floor. It was essential for them to add primeval folklore to their story weaving and offer voice to the old ancestral beats that have been moving us for a great many years. It is this association with the Ancient imbued with the cutting edge electronic dance floor setting that makes what they do appeal with such a significant number of people. The out of this world dramatic execution created for each live performances is purposefully decided to welcome people further into a condition of great awareness and association. Going on tours all around Australia, North America, Europe plus different parts of the world, this charismatic pair is unquestionably & exceptionally unique that followers travel at a great lengths to see them perform live.  

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