My name is Nikroma and I’m an Audio Engineer, Sound Designer, Producer, and Teacher based in Southern California. I currently have 2 ongoing projects; NIKROMA and KROMAGON. My first act NIKROMA began in the Socal underground and desert scene around 2007. It focuses on various styles of Techno with  interesting sound design, familiar song structure, and sub driven basslines while keeping the BPM between 120-130. My main act, KROMAGON, aims to be on the opposite spectrum focusing on dark, heavy, and driving Progressive Zenonesque Psy ranging from 132-142. Both projects have been signed to the world-renowned label Zenon Records. I’m also Mastering all kind of Electronic Music which is where my Audio Engineering knowledge comes into play. I offer Stem Mastering to anyone interested in taking that step. Finally, I take pride and joy in Teaching Music Production. When I see the proverbial “light” turn on in a student when they acquire a new skill is priceless to me. If you are interested in Learning Tips and Tricks or just want to take your first steps into Music Production, please don’t hesitate to check out my Tutorials page on this site! Let it be a shortcut to that professional sound! Cheers everyone!

NIKROMA’s elevating psyche space-groove is unequivocally established in his San Diego childhood, computer related studies and motivation he draws from the Los Angeles Psy-prog party arena. KROMAGON is Nikoma’s other undertaking concentrating on mostly Psygressive/Zenonesque and Dub music. The NIKROMA venture will keep on focusing on the Psychedelic part of both Techno and Progressive House.

Nic Aragon (aka NIKROMA) had been creating unique tracks and doing DJ stints that keep on pushing the boundaries of profound swampy psy-tech into another domain. A consistent guest at West Coast & Moontribe celebrations, NIKROMA takes us on a journey into the obscure with the forces of psychedelic powers, and back again with his consistent responsibility to the legit groove. NIKROMA has been a representative & brand DJ for Zenon Records since 2011. 

In 2012 KROMAGON, otherwise known as NIKROMA, signed a deal with the widely acclaimed dynamic label Zenon Records. Musically, KROMAGON centers around a psychedelic voyage combined with regularly advancing conceptual soundscapes, offering the enlivening of another musical period just as an entry for listeners into a holy element of profound being. Utilising ethnic percussion, forest airs, and interlacing streamlined effects, KROMAGON makes a different sonic palette where natural and engineered fuse to create an unparalleled sound-related encounters. 

Gearing up for Australia Tour 2019!! so far I’ll be there from Feb-April, a few dates still available for bookings as well but its beginning to fill up. Message me for inquiries! Also planing some One on One sessions, so keep that in mind if you are interested in learning 🤘🏼🖤……#KROMAGON #live #original #music #darkprog #progdark #darkprogressive #futureprog #psytrance #psy #zenonesque #sounddesign #musicproducer #musicproduction #trancefamily #beats #logic #lpx #logicpro #ableton #cubase #turorial #counseling #kromagontrackcounseling #1on1session #australia #tour #2019

Posted by Kromagon on Monday, October 22, 2018

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