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Gavin Lynch, better known by his stage name Matador is a radical live artist with a sparkling notoriety for versatility while never trading off on important elements. Much honor have been poured upon this Irish maker bringing him an overall worldwide recognition from fan base of clubbers and friends alike. With zest for new universes to overcome, Matador even went on to take a new role as label manager for his RUKUS imprint.

Performing to a great number of euphoric crowd at sold-out events everywhere is a long way from his initial years. As a teen enlivened by electronic giants Jeff Mills, Adam Beyer and Richie Hawtin he gave extreme attention to the Essential Mix, gathering records and learning the basics on DJ-ing on any bits of material he could manage. His eagerness to learn drove him to a sound building course at Dublin’s Sound Training Center with an accentuation on electronic music generation.

Alongside his enthusiasm from Cocoon and Perc Trax, a chance meeting with Richie Hawtin promoted him from being a hopeful DJ on the Dublin underground scene to a fundamental element of Hawtin’s Minus label. His achievement was guaranteed by his chain of profitable releases such as ‘Kingswing’ and his ‘SPOOKS’ EP, and by his inventive, consistently improving live performances resulting in jam-packed crowd and a similarly packed touring schedule including prestigious appointments at the finest clubs and festivals for Tomorrowland, Sonus Croatia, Awakenings, Ultra, DC-10, Stereo Montreal to name a few. His association with Hawtin keeps on being a productive one, having been registered in 2016 as a representative for his PLAYDifferently Model 1 analog DJ mixer. 

Surprisingly multi-capable outside music, Gavin’s numerous enthusiasm and aptitudes have nourished over into his DJ profession. His mid twenties were spent preparing as a culinary expert to Dublin’s Michelin featured restaurants. Going after his Dad’s recommendation of ‘finding his passion so that he’ll never has to work a day in his life’, he divided his time for both the kitchen and the decks that later turned cooking into a much adored interest and music his labor of love.

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