Matiu Te Huki (New Zealand)

Matiu was the founder of the prominent NZ roots band Homefire Burning and is currently the front man for his band My Golden Soul.


Matiu “The Hook” Te Huki is famous for his astonishing vocal aptitudes and vitality, his capacity to effectively interface with, hold and lift an audience while playing with a band, or simply performing on his own. Matiu naturally supports a rooted association with his crowd generating a power that opens gateways of heaven. 

Matiu has a history in customary Maori performing arts, theater and fronting successful bands with his incredible yet relaxing, novel sound. He already played with artists such as Rhombus, Fat Freddys Drop, Tiki Taane, Pitch Black, Anika Moa and a lot more of New Zealand’s great acts. 

As a vocalist & lyricist, the spirit-stirring themes in Matiu’s sound are precise, moving and connecting. His music has a solid Maori touch utilising haka, incantations and standard Maori sound – soulful profound roots with catchy grooves, deep dub with lovely bass, hip and a little touch of fast beats. His stage name “The Hook” identifies with his cleverly made melody hooks and bass lines that stay with you long after the tune wraps up.

” I love music, I love making it with others and I love the adventure of making it by myself with my loop pedal helping me to layer my sounds. This album is a reflection of my live looping show, 1 shot at getting it right, no edits, no 2nd chances. Keeping it real. A big warm 1 love vibe for the world and universe that chose to tune in and listen to this album. This is a magical album, it will continue to grow as I will add to it over time. All you have to do is keep checking in and every time I write and record a new song, I’ll upload it to this album for you do download. “

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