Metapattern, otherwise known as Pete Helskanki, is Austrian born and a current resident of Brisbane Australia.

Metapattern is a live invented EDM venture highlighting a measured synthesizer, drum machine and Ableton live / iPad going through an electronic mixer fit for several loop layers and effect. The plays are positioned around musical and tonal components formed by the characters and circumstances. The vitality of this music is intended to connect with audience members in a circle or tunnel of rehashing, consolidating & transforming templates. Moods extend from basic, musical, inspiring, dull and technical.

Its emphasis is on equipment machine-based style to deal with live plays and production together with components of techno, uproar, industry, change, standardisation, tune, and climate. 2018 has been a promising year for the venture, earning a home in Machine Label for the more profound style releases. This specific set veers away from common overwhelming beats to analyse the foundation behind the kick drums.

My last few live techno performances are planned for the east coast of Australia. After this, I will head overseas to…

Posted by Metapattern on Saturday, February 9, 2019

New Echoplex remix completed for the Machine label in Melbourne. More info soon..

Posted by Echoplex on Wednesday, February 13, 2019

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