05 Aug 2019 at 12:00 – 11 Aug 2019 at 18:00 UTC+02


Momento Demento is an international collective rooted in Croatia. Mo:Dem Festival promotes underground psychedelic sounds and cutting edge visual and experimental art. Mo:Dem politics is not about expanding it’s numbers of visitors but investing in quality and content. Striving forward, learning, self-improving and always pushing the boundaries of technical production is what makes Mo:Dem the unforgettable psychedelic experience it is known to be.


The Hive

The Hive is not just another festival dancefloor. It is designed and developed as an Interdimensional Landing Platform. By implementing ancient knowledge and modern technologies it both evokes the wise Spirits of our Ancestors and calls for broadminded Creatures from the Galaxies of the Great Beyond.

The Hive experience means you are being dipped into the realms of the psychedelic abyss. With music and dance, you can broaden your horizons and with your imagination, you can push the limits of imaginable and possible. If The Hive is Interdimensional Landing Platform, each and every one of you there are a vessel and a pilot of your own psychedelic trip. Finest producers and selectors of underground psychedelic music are merely uncharted maps yet to be explored.

One more year we are happy to invite you to share our Vision of psychedelic dance culture. We wish you a warm welcome to our home; open your minds and your hearts; don’t be afraid to be yourself; don’t be afraid to let go; you will experience momento demento. 

Click here for the lineup.

The Swamp

The Swamp styles change and vary but concept and idea are same; delivering psychedelic and trippy music for your mind and body. 

Click here for the lineup.

Little Mo:Dem

Welcome! We are very happy to be able to provide a place where the children can feel safe and free.

Little Mo:Dem is a small colourful children’s area garden, near the beautiful river Mreznica located at the SPIRALLABS, Mo:Dem’s new cultural area. A place where your youngest are safe from loud music and crowds. 

Our highly qualified team of nannies is here to provide a happy, safe and learning inclusive environment, in which your children are encouraged to explore their full potential. 

Little Mo:Dem is open everyday from 9am till 6pm, in that time your children will enjoy a wide range of workshops and activities – painting, storytelling, instrument play, recycling and upcycling, stop-motion movie, string art, yoga and a few more workshops that are formed for our youngest to learn in a playful way.  

1. Please note that children under 3 must be accompanied by at least one parent or guardian.
2. Parents must register their children by sending an email to:, providing the following information: 

  • Child’s name, surname and date of birth. 
  • Parents address and contact number. 
  • Next of Kin & Emergency Contact Information (name and phone number) 

Please take some time to read our T&Cs to make sure you comply with the restrictions and policies of use set forth in these Terms (e.g. age policy) 

Mo:dem Experimental Cinema

Take a time to chill and enjoy a space dedicated to video creation in a radical sense, from movies and documentaries to video art, experimental live video performances and interactive visual art.

The Experimental Cinema will nest us to go beyond our imagination.
Through video and surrealism, we will transcend the physical world by sharing life experiences, art, mysticisms and spiritual inner selves.
The Experimental Cinema wants to underline the importance of creativity in the making of every film, video or new media that will be shown.

We will have special goodies so you can relax for a while in our spot. Some will try our cacao, amazingly powerful superfood from the Caribbean side of Costa Rica, manufactured by hand by the native people of this area.

Experimental Cinema is stepping up into another dimension. Come with us.


Mo:Dem Festival is located at Robinzon Kamp, 47240, Donje Primišlje, Croatia.


– Please help us keep the festival green and use public transport wherever possible. If you’re driving and you have a spare space in your car, we will be introducing our gocarshare scheme nearer to the festival.

Enter the coordinates shown above or write down Primislje on your GPS device. A few kilometers before you arrive there will be signs to guide you to the festival site. In case you don’t have a GPS system, our festival location is exactly half way on the road between SLUNJ and OGULIN. Check Google maps before and you should have no problem with finding the Festival.

– There is a bus service operating daily from all major cities: Zagreb, Split, Zadar, Sibenik and more to Slunj. Bus timetables will be posted on our website closer to the festival date, once when we are sure timetables will be fixed and won’t change. A shuttle bus will be provided from Slunj for a reasonable price.


– Croatia has six international airports: Pula, Rijeka, Zagreb, Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik. The most convenient to travel to are Zagreb, Zadar and Split, but in case you find a great flight deal (and there are a lot of cheap flights to all of the airports ) do not hesitate going to any of them. It may take you a little bit longer to arrive to the festival due to interconnections, but its worth if you are saving money. 

– There is a ferry service operating from Ancona (Italy) to Zadar. From Zadar, it’s easy to get a bus to Slunj, where you can take the shuttle bus to the festival location 🙂



] MO:DEM 2018. FLASHBACK [Short flashback of Mo:Dem Festival 2018, stay tuned and discover what this year edition brings!P.S. The Hive line up is released tomorrow!Music:Airi – Reset Layer (Zenon Records)Fagin's Reject – Cold Twerky (Wildthings Records)Love. Passion. Commitment.Mo:Dem Crew #momentodemento #modemfestival #thehive #theswamp #theseed

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