Activities have been enacted in the wake of the second Cleaner Campsites Industry Roundtable, Green Music Australia’s Co-Chief Executive Officer Berish Bilander tells TMN. 

The roundtable was gone to by APRA and Music Victoria, and Green Music Australia, with various groups of sustainability experts from Upcycle Entertainment, Mullum Cares, Green Connect, and B-Alternative. 

Events represented included Rainbow Serpent, Falls Festival, Untitled Group, Splendor in the Grass, Island Vibe, Party in the Paddock, Strawberry Fields, Unify Gathering, Woodford, Lost Paradise, and Earth Frequency. 

The focal issue of the meet originated from aggravating consequences of research led by A.T. Kearney that demonstrated as much as half of festival waste originates from campgrounds as participants leave their tents and outdoors gear behind. 63% trust it isn’t their duty to tidy up after their companions. The investigation secured 800 supporters from three celebrations – Falls Lorne, Party in the Paddock and Unify Gathering – and furthermore discovered that half of participants feel that their waste doesn’t go to landfill. As per the investigation, 20% buy another tent for the event and 36% of these are “not criticized” if their tent is destroyed. Practically 50% of those interviewed need to “get the hellfire out of here” after the occasion, and 52% think their tent will back them off.

Shot of a campsite filled with litter

“This year’s roundtable was fantastic! Festival organisers already have a wealth of knowledge around campsite littering. Our role is to provide a forum for people to share ideas, and to engage behaviour change experts to help co-create evidence-based interventions. The dumping of tents and camping equipment is rooted in a much bigger societal problem around disposable consumption, and will require a whole-of-industry effort to gain traction amongst younger audiences. This is why the cleaner campsite alliance is so important.” – Blunder

Roundtable members consented to build up a formal partnership to handle the developing issue of campsite litter and dispatch a #LoveYourFestival style social battle in the number one spot up to the celebration season. 

Plans discussed at the Cleaner Campsites roundtable incorporate the release of an advertising effort to change the conduct of participants over summer 19/20 with the goal that everybody brings home their tent – or dangers being viewed as truly uncool. The steering of innovative intercessions like an on-site repair group to fix broken tents and marquees will likewise be trialed. 

The music event advertisers are eager about the social changes that the alliance could bring to their industry.

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