My Baby (PIAS, Netherlands)


The Dutch-New Zealand trio MY BABY is commonly known for playing roots driven mesmerising dance. It’s a music educated by gospel and blues singing and playing melded with antiquated folk songs. In addition to that is the crudeness of 70s funk, moroccan gnawa, african desert blues, indian raga and a bit of electronic dance music all played on drums and guitars without utilizing PCs or tests. Since 2012 they’ve been growing their psyche blues-trance rave to the consent of audiences all around, highlighting on prestigious events & festivals such as Isle of Wight (UK), Sziget (HU), Glastonbury (UK), Exit (RS), Fusion (DE), Lowlands (NL) to name a few.

MY BABY is something beyond the its name. It’s a label that alludes to a symbolic figure, a focal character in the band’s melodic journey. 

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