Nanoplex (Iboga Records, United Kingdom)

London Progressive Techno duo


Nanoplex is the live venture from Ben Coda and DJ Ipcress, two pioneers of the UK dynamic techno music. 

Ben Coda needs little presentation, his tech-prog music dares limits – intense beats and moving basslines appear differently in relation to taking off tunes, intertwining his affection for the harder hints of techno and tech house with great dynamics. Alongside a bustling global calendar, Coda is taking his sound to the majority. 

DJ Ipcress has ascended from the underground scene in the UK and in the course of the most recent 5 years has taken his dim edged techno sound crosswise over Europe and worldwide. Combining techno & house with a profound insignificant score, an association with Ben Coda was continually going to create a smooth forthcoming techno music.

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