Nick Warren (The Soundgarden, UK)


In the mid to late 90s, Nick Warren wound up as one of the first hotshot DJs holding down a prominent residency at Cream in England, visiting far and wide, and showing up on a few DJ mix collections before they ended up ordinary. Despite the fact that he spun a varied cluster of dance methods in the late ’80s and mid ’90s, he inevitably advocated the late ’90s trance music of names like Hooj Choons and blended with the ranks of other superstar DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Sasha, and Tall Paul. 

Prior to driving a refined way of life, Nick Warren moved to Bristol during the 1980s at the age of 20. By the mid ’90s, he was one of the area’s leading DJs spinning upstairs at Vision, one of the city’s pioneering clubs.

Massive Attack, a colleague from Bristol left for America for tours at the height of their initial success and welcomed Nick to go with them as their official DJ. This invite demonstrated his turntable aptitudes just as his notoriety at the time. Not long enough, he started a greatly rewarding stretch as the host DJ at Cream in Liverpool. 

In the next years that ensued Nick relished a swift of success. Through a blend of giving successful mixes to Mixmag, DMC, and the effective Global Underground arrangement, and releasing a thread of club-crushing solo hits, Warren ended up launched into the electronic and house major leagues; and, by proceeding to publicize acclaimed collections, singles, and remixes with his Way Out partner Jody Wisternoff, and remixing songs for artists like Lana Del Rey, he solidly settled himself as a genuinely versatile maker of top-notch dance music. 

Having made his name as an accomplished DJ, the late Noughties saw Warren try his hand on the business side of the music scene. Presently, as the A&R of Bristol-based Hope Recordings, he invests his energy trying to sharpen and advance the up and coming age of club-crushing DJ and production talent; and, by the development of his label The Soundgarden into a globe-sprawling worldwide events and entertainment quality, he has now solidly settled notoriety as a monster of electronic, techno, and house music.

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