With a worldwide famous label group, an internationally renowned DJ career, a grandstand of four Danceclub Magazine grants plus a fine personality, Dj Pena is one of the main Portuguese leading DJs on the planet. 

Pena worships music. Receptive however demanding, blends extreme and trancelike sound atmospheres with stimulating and siphoning beat excursions, taking components over the range of electronic dance music, from dynamic trance to house, electro to basic, separating them through a mixed winding feeling.

Psychedelic picture was simply beginning in Portugal in 1996. Rather than following a legal advisors profession he dedicated himself, absolutely and only, to music. He began as a DJ and soon enough, in 2000, established Flow Records. 

This stage enabled him to contribute with his personal melodic choices, profound, immovable and significant stories with shockingly huge and invigorating tunes. The label allowed him to translate, much further, his awesome street smarts and enabled him to travel consistently everywhere throughout the globe. 

From 2000 to 2004 all his hard work was recognized with 4 awards as Best Trance DJ at yearly Dance Club Awards, organised by Dance Club Magazine, the only and highly respected Portuguese Electronic Music Magazine. Two years after, he made Flow Vinyl for a relative approach, setting pace on what he plays these days, having his releases backed up by the best muscle heads that time. 

Aside from that, he proceeds with his take a stab at the best class receptive parties in his country, prompting the beginning of the famous Flow parties, mixing dynamic house, dynamic trance and even basic techno, welcoming artists to Portugal like Dousk, Audiojack, Extrawelt, Minilogue, Mashtronic, Luke Dzierzek, Antix/Fiord, Motion, to give some examples.

What’s left to say of this persuasive and preeminent mainstay of worlds electronic music organize?! One thing we are certain, he will undoubtedly keep the vibe streaming with punchy uniqueness.

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