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Pixel (otherwise known as Eli Biton Tal) is viewed as a standout amongst the truest Israeli psy trance makers with a great discography of joint efforts with successful artists such as Domestic, Astrix, GMS, Tristan, Wrecked Machines, Freedom Fighters and some more. He is a constant guest to Goa each year and, in that capacity, is viewed as a regarded individual from the worldwide psy trance network. 

Pixel’s DJ expertise have likewise been respected worldwide and together with his one of a kind style of psy productions he is demonstrating his importance regularly each year, staying sought after and acknowledged wherever he tours. 

Pixel live


Posted by Pixel on Saturday, September 6, 2014

Pixel is a native of Israel Tel Aviv and was born in 1979. He began his career as a DJ in 1999 and started making his own music a year after. In 2001 Pixel began to DJ & collaborate with Domestic, an effective joint effort which kept going for 4 years. Amid this time, they made music as Dual Head and accumulated an exceptionally effective compilation called ‘Think Sync’. By November 2004 Pixel released his first own album – “Reality strikes back” and his songs have been released on ruling brands like Spun, Solstice and TIP world.

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