Pollyfonika LIVE SESSION – Just for fun, for my friends (Psytrance Mix 2018)

Pollyfonika LIVE SESSION – Just for fun, for my friends (Psytrance Mix 2018)This live session was recorded at a garden in Ajijic, Mexico in company of some of my closest friends. :)I hope you enjoy this set, It's perfect for the after party! :p You can also find it on www.soundcloud.com/pollyfonika and YouTube!ARTISTS PLAYED: Tron, Architekt, Psysex & Illumination, Paratech, Imaginarium & Shivatree, Nukleall & Endeavour, Virtual Light & Ital, Space Cat & Artificials, Earthling, Spectrasonics, Double Helix, Magik, Ingrained Instincts, Earthspace, OCD. VIDEO BY: Alex Muñoz, Aldo Estrada, Gonzo & Oriane. <3 Saikoooo! <3

Posted by POLLYFONIKA Music on Thursday, July 12, 2018

Tania Radillo (aka DJ Pollyfonika) began her career as a DJ at an early age of 16 in Guadalajara, Mexico where she grew up. Soon after she was already doing stints all across the country. She set out on her first European visit at 18 amid which she had the privilege to perform at festivals like Solstice Festival (Holland), Tundra Festival (Lithuania) and different occasions in UK, Denmark, Spain & Switzerland.

She kept touring in and out of Mexico continually searching for leading sounds to develop her musical approach. These days that style could be portrayed as a blend of unadulterated, genuinely psychedelic full on with natural vibes, appropriate for any time of the day.

In the course of her 12-year career, she has gotten the opportunity to play for probably the best psytrance dancefloors on the planet such as VooV Experience in Germany, Vortex in South Africa, One Love and Reisefieber in Switzerland, Eclipse Festival in Canada, BAT in Argentina, Ometeotl, Ritual and Moonshine Gathering in Mexico, Festival Solar in Peru, Dimension Festival in New Zealand, and numerous different parties in urban communities like Dubai, Toronto, Montreal, San Francisco, Cape Town, Paris, Venice, Lyon, Vienna, Amsterdam, Antwerp, Salvador, Guatemala, and, obviously, pretty much every city in her country Mexico. Her exhibitions at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019 in Australia and at the following OZORA Festival in Hungary will be new features in her work.

Just as a world-class DJ, Tania is additionally a gifted producer. Pollyfonika singles have been released on brands like Sangoma, Samaa, Phantasm, PsynOpticz, Liquid and Mutagen. Pollyfonika songs have been remixed by the likes of Module Virus, Barak, Assimilon and L.E.O.F. Past joint efforts contained a side work with Tron entitled Floating Point. Tania is right now buckling down in the studio and has another undertaking to be reported soon. 

Meanwhile, as a new endorser of the Italian name Blacklite Records, she is working currently on her debut VA compilation to be released toward the start of this year. As of now the track line up incorporates music from Virtual Light, Ingrained Instincts, Double Helix, Tron, Nukleall, Barak, Endeavor, Paratech, Kusabi with additional lists to be reported soon.

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