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Psy-Fi “SEED OF SCIENCE” is our 7th edition and after last year’s “SHAMANIC EXPERIENCE” we are very excited to prepare the next edition for you. We will keep you updated on our Facebook page, newsletter and website.

Why Seed of Science? First of all, think about where we would be without science and all it has produced, our festival is run with laptops, phones, wifi, lights, soundsystems, dj equipment, waste technologies, power technologies and much more, all came forth out of science. Then think about what happens to our society when all this fails. We have learned how to use all of this to our benefits and yet have become so depended on it.

The quote from Ralp Waldo Emersonmen love to wonder and that’s the seed of science” shows that our imagination and our curiosity are at the base of all that men has ever created. We encourage you to find oud how science can help you and others to create a better and more sustainable world.

All your positive feedback, love, kind words and many hugs we got, gave us the energy and confidence to start working on “Seed of Science
.” For that we are ever grateful.

The Psy-Fi festival is set up to be one of the bigger Psy-Trance festivals in Europe. Offering a large variety of music, arts and space for personal growth. Bigger is not always better and we do not strive to be the biggest at all. We strive to deliver the most amazing festival experience we can give you.

Next to that we aim to provide you with one of the best line-ups of the coming festival summer! After all we are all there for the music 🙂
However we are not only there for the music, there are so many aspects that make a Psytrance festival so great! We feel that the learning experience is extremely important and we encourage you all to integrate what your festival experience into your daily lives.
To help you do that we’ve invited some of the world’s leading experts on many topics such as Science, Psychology, Psychedelics, religion, Shamanism, sociology and much more to lecture for you. For more info and updates on the lecture program, follow us on Facebook, the sacred island page or our Inpsyder.

We can’t wait to see you in August!


Catch some of the great vibes on and around the Psy-Fi 2018 main stage. Enjoy!Video by Aleksandar Jakonic.

Posted by Psy-Fi on Thursday, December 13, 2018

Thank you everyone for a very special and sold out edition of Psy-Fi festival 2018! Thank you for all your smiles,…

Posted by Psy-Fi on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Stages & Line-up

Main Stage

The main stage is a sacred space where people connect as one living organism with the music being the binding factor. As soon as you step onto it you can feel that you enter an energy that is an entity on its own. The stage is situated right on the beach of a beautiful lake surrounded by forest. We kindly ask you to bring your purest of intentions to it.

Journey into cosmic bliss that is then taken over by a vast range of international artists that we view as modern day shamans.  A shaman’s role is to guide the participants on an inner journey of connecting with self, other people, nature and the entire cosmos as one.

Please respect this place as we invite shamans from around the world to set the energy for you days before the festival starts.

We wish you strength, love and joy on your inner travels 🙂

Stay tuned for the complete program to be uploaded in the coming months.


We have not yet started to announce the line-up for the coming festival, stay tuned, soon we reveal the first artists here.

Freak Stage

When it boils down to it, the Alternative stage is a melting pot for freaky tunes, mostly Forest, Hitech, Psycore and Darkpsy. Like the last year we will focus here only on these genres.

The Freak stage will run 24/7 with adjusted volume in the night.


We have not yet started to announce the line-up for the coming festival, stay tuned, soon we reveal the first artists here.

Chill Out

Our Chill-out grows every year in size and effort into making it the right place to come to if you need some time to relax. You can enjoy the view over the water, walk right into the forest where you will find many places to chill-out.

We offer a variety of great artists that will take you into outer space with their mellow style and mid-tempo beats. Sit back, relax, lie down in a hammock or sit by a campfire. The chill-out is built in a costume made temple, using bamboo and mostly natural materials, providing shelter and even a campfire in the middle of the dance floor.

Stay tuned for the complete program to be uploaded in the coming months.


We have not yet started to announce the line-up for the coming festival, stay tuned, soon we reveal the first artists here.

Global Theatre

​Global theatre offers a variety of (non) psy-trance related music such as Balkan beats, reggae DNB and psychedelic techno. We intend to make this little town grow in beauty and keep adding interesting musical and theatrical performances to it. This year we combine the Global theater with the Jam stage, so if you like, join on stage 🙂

The village is situated right on the beach. You will also find a small bazaar here offering mostly handcrafted items.

Jam Stage

​The Jam stage is for whoever wants to join our jam crew live on stage and jam away 🙂 We welcome you to bring your own instruments or use some of ours.


Next to the well known artists, we’ve put a lot of extra attention to new coming artists that we feel that need to be heard. They are producing great music all over the world and we are very pleased to have them on our festival. 


Next to a great musical program there are many live performances all around the festival, theatre, fire-shows, drone laser shows, live paintings, sand sculptures and acoustic performances. We don’t have a program for any of this, so just take a walk around and who knows what you will encounter 🙂

Travel Information


Connect with others on their way to Psy-Fi, travel together and share your experience: The Psy-Fi meeting point is the online platform where you can meet the others 🙂 

​Arrival by car:

There is no possibility to park your car on, or near the event area.
Also for drop-off we have a separate place. For drop-off please continue reading at the “drop-off” section.

Together with the local government we are working on setting up a parking space on walking distance of the festival. More info on that soon.

By mobile home / campervan without reserved ticket

If you were able to buy a mobile home ticket, then please drive straight to the north entrance of the festival.

If you were not able to buy a campervan ticket unfortunately there is no possibility to get on festival site with your campervan. Please note that the surrounding area and local spaces are controlled by the local police. It is not allowed by law to spend your days there. Save money and do not park your campervan or car there! You will be towed away and will receive a fine.
“tip” try to find a campsite before leaving home and be prepared for some extra costs. “De Grote Wielen camping” is located next tot he festival site and has normally enough space to book something. Do not wait to long!

By drop-off:

Navigation adress “Butlan 1, Leeuwarden”. One way street!
This road is located next to the main road and is during festival times designed as one way only. Follow the yellow road signs with “Drop-off” on it. From there you have to take a 3 minute walk or put your luggage to the wagon towards the main or south entrance gate.

By plane:
Flying is one of the easiest ways to reach our country. Amsterdam Airport is about 1 hour 45 minutes drive from the venue. You can take a train to “Hardegarijp”, and from there a shuttle to the location. Or use our airport shuttle service.

​All major International Airlines land at our main international Airport Schiphol, Amsterdam

By train:

If you come by train to PSY-FI then take a train to “Leeuwarden central Station”, from there you can take a shuttle to the Festival. 

By airport shuttles:

For everyone who likes to use our shuttle service from Amsterdam Airport to the Psy-Fi festival:

  • You can also use our shuttles if you don’t come by plane.
  • You can find us in arrival hall no.4.
  • In case there are seats available you can book a seat at the airport (no guarantee).

By Taxi:

On several points in the city centre you can use a taxi to get to and from the festival. All taxi drivers have there own reserved places with signage to stops very close to the festival entrance.

Shuttles from France and Belgium:

Coach package from France and Belgium with our partner Ontours.
All details and booking : https://www.ontours.fr/psy-fi-p4213.html


We offer shuttle service from the festival to the shopping center in Hurdegaryp (Hardegarijp). You can find them at the north gate. You can also use our own festival supermarkets for your needs 🙂

Luggage help:

We will help you bring your luggage and camping gear to your desired spot on the camping grounds with a trailer. You will find the trailer at the north and south entrance and at the Kiss and ride.


We are introducing a small carbon contribution on cars, caravans and campervans for three main reasons;

  1. One is to encourage you to share your ride or choose other, more nature friendly ways to reach us.
  2. The second reason is to help us with the great costs involved in processing all thousands of vehicles arriving at the Psy-Fi land.
  3. The third reason is that we want to help nature restore what we take from her.

Therefore we donate a part of your contribution to a good cause. Each year around 4.000 cars drive from all over Europe to our festival. We would love to see that number decrease in the years to come. Therefore we are charging a 10,00 Euro carbon contribution one time when you use the shuttle from the parking to the festival. We have a great shortage of space to park all 4000 cars and we don’t like our campsites to look like one giant car park but rather like the beautiful nature camping that it is.With the carbon contribution we are setting up a large parking space as close to the festival as possible. We will set up lights, fences and security to watch over your car. ​2,50 Euro of your contribution goes towards trees for all (www.treesforall.nl)

They will use your contribution to plant new trees in deforested areas around the world. One tree in Bolivia costs around 5,00 Euro, so with your contribution we can plant about 2.000 new trees every year!

 For campers and caravans we have separate reserved only places on the festival campsite. You will be asked for your ticket upon arrival to the festival gates. Tickets are not for sale at the gates so there is no chance on showing up with a campervan or caravan at the gates without a ticket, we simply don’t have enough space.


We offer free tickets for people who come to Psy-Fi by bike, and if youcome from far you even get free accommodation from us 🙂

More about this program soon.

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