Psyfari Jamboree (ACT, Australia)


More than just an event, PSYFARI has been a big part of our lives and a big part of many of yours also. Over the years an amazing community has grown, filled with so many inspiring, creative individuals, with countless friendships formed and experiences we will cherish forever.

If you have been to PSYFARI, you are part of this community!
Join us for one last dance, one last hurrah!
Reunite with old friends or make some new ones.
Join us as we celebrate 10 years!

If you have never been to PSYFARI before, this is your last chance.

The meaning behind PSYFARI goes back to a time when animals lived in the now, a time when animals were silly, and fun! They didn’t just sit around all day staring at Facebook. The wilderness was where they escaped to:

  • A place that didn’t need paved streets or mobile coverage…
  • A place that they could dance and play…
  • A place they could be themselves!
  • Life was simple and life was wild.

We are excited to invite you to PSYFARI 2019!
The 10th anniversary, and the grand finale!

2019 marks 10 years of PSYFARI.
We plan on closing this chapter with something very special indeed!
A new location, a new layout, prepare to be dazzled.

Stay tuned for info.

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  1. Hi I’m trying to contact psyfari festival organizers? can you please leave me with an email or something. thanks


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