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Shankra Festival 2019 – Heartbeat


Posted by Shankra Festival on Friday, February 22, 2019

Shankra 2019 Lineup

During the years, our musical mission shaped itself to become a loud Message: we believe in pure music, bare from the influences of success and popularity, freely expressed by whoever really commits in its creation. Our line-up, gradually growing, is a well-thought program that differs from other major events, consciously including more and more emergent artists, uprooting the “headliners” system, presenting to the audience innovative acts: you will have the chance to be part of one-of-a-kind shows, driven by enthusiasm and energy.

Click HERE for the official lineup.



Dance on the soft earth, lie on the green grass and look for colourful flowers in our magical valley! The stunning valley Mesolcina, with its lush fields dotted with wildflowers, is the wonderful home of Shankra Festival. Chestnut trees, pines and firs give their shadows to green grounds, giving birth to the perfect environment to relax, have fun and connect with Nature. The biodiversity of the area, together with the diverse wildlife and flora, gives the opportunity to get in touch with the idyllic image of the valley: fresh air, bright shades and a long history that dates back to ancient times are the background of a memorable festival experience.


As gentle giants, mountains silently guard the valley: look up and feel the immensity of the towering peaks, that donate to us colourful sunsets and delicate dawns, as ever-changing settings of Shankra Festival. The Mesolcina Mountains Chain reaches the height of over three thousand metres, and it is origin of the waterfalls and the transparent lake that lie on the festival grounds: feel inspired by the running waters and refresh yourself between a dance session and a yoga class.


The valley was created by the patient waters of Moesa river, nourishment of the surrounding fields. The crystal-clear waters are home of many types of fishes, and hold a pleasant refreshment during the hot summer days. Look for jumping fishes, while cooling down the dancing feet!


Take a walk and explore the characteristic nearby village: Lostallo stretches on the right shore of Moesa river, at an height of over four hundred metres above sea level. Take a moment to gaze at beautiful dry-stonewalls of the local buildings, built following ancient architectural traditions. The town offers the basic services: supermarkets, ATM, restaurants and bars, and it’s easily reachable from Shankra Festival.

For more information on How To Get There click here.



Inspiration is the primary source of action: we find something new that awakes our interest, that becomes enthusiasm and may change our daily routine. Get inspired with our program of workshops and activities: you will have the chance to learn new and exciting things, training your body and feeding your soul. The best learning practice is a guided journey: trained instructors, yoga teachers, musicians, knowledge-bearers will accompany you and introduce you to their practices. Do you want to propose your workshop? Share your knowledge and include people in your world. Yoga, meditation, juggling, music, permaculture: we are open to any activity that will enrich us and enlarge our visions of the world.


Knowledge is the most precious value we can gain. Through knowledge, we can get in touch with deep meanings and unexpected connections that can change our perception of reality. Enrich your personal culture by following our program of lectures: a broad range of topics will be addressed, covering different areas of interest. Do you want to present your lecture? Introduce us to your projects, sharing your knowledge with us. From science to religion, culture and history, you will be able to present your contents through a dedicated conference.


Reconnecting with your body, touching inner spots and cleaning your spirit is sometimes a much-needed process that we tend to underestimate in our daily routine. At Shankra Festival we want to give you the chance to consciously work towards a deeper understanding of yourself, your spirit and the planet, with the precious help of healers from all around the world. Do you want to present your healing practice? Massage, meditation, natural medicine: show us your way of caring for the body and the soul, by sharing your healing practices with people.


Expressing what we have inside is the timeless engine that moves us towards creation. At Shankra Festival we want to showcase many types of creations, including a diverse program of performances, from dancing shows to theatre acts, fire performances and juggling exhibitions. Do you want to perform at the festival? Show us your talent and perform in the unique location of Shankra Festival. Fire performance, dancing shows, live music, theatre: express yourself and share your visions with people.


The most powerful way of creating is using our imagination. Sharing our visions with people is like selling plane tickets to our personal world: you will be able to travel through the artistic expressions of painters and creators, presented in the unique environment of Shankra Festival. Do you want to show your art? Get inspired by the landscape and share your art with us: speak the language of imagination and send your message to people.

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