The Best Secret Doofs to Get Around


Pffft – well if we told you, they wouldn’t be a secret now, would they?

The reason smaller doofs often stay so precious is because they’ve managed to retain a certain degree of privacy. We obviously don’t want to compromise that.

But if you’re one of those few worried that some of the bigger cash cow doofs are becoming too unfocused and commercialised, rest assured that the smaller doof scene is still alive and very much thriving.

So without giving too much away, here are a few sneaky ways you can find out about these secret doofs for a more intimate or niche experience.

Get involved with local crews.

Mates who are the most avid doofers will likely know about the smaller shindigs dotted all over the country. Find out which crews they belong to, network from a genuine place and express interest in attending these secret parties. If you seem like you’ll add only great vibes, you’ll likely (eventually) be rewarded with an invitation.

Consider any special talents you have to offer.

The easiest way to join independent doofs is to help out with actually setting them up. A la the Burning Man principle of participation, genuine work begets some much-deserved play. Most small-scale DJ crews and event organisers are unlikely to turn a blind eye to party people willing to bring great cocktail-mixing skills, a super hooper performance or – insert your special gift – to the party. In fact, they’ll probably respond to your offering with open arms.

Scout the relevant online groups.

Barring good connections or party skills, you could always browse online for news of renegade doofs. From Reddit forums to Facebook posts, simply searching for ‘secret doof’ or ‘small doof’ should help light the way to events upcoming in your area.

Hot tips:

Always contact a regular attendee before showing up to any of these non-advertised events.You want to make sure it’s actually legit. You also want to know it’ll be safe and comfortable upon your arrival.

Never exchange cash with a stranger on the internet without suitable payment security measures. 

Try and network with the folks who are part of the doof’s community before showing up unannounced. If in doubt, bring a mate.

And, of course, have fun!

What are some of your favourite smaller doofs that you don’t mind getting the word out about? The Town? Tanglewood?

Let us know in the comments below!

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After her first 'death pit' mosh at 14, Lauren became spellbound by the power of immersive music experiences. Except these days, she prefers deep doof conversations under a tree and the electronic grooves of a bangin' D-floor. But no matter the space, Lauren's always been drawn in by that sweet transcendent feeling of collective togetherness music can inspire. As a research writer, aspiring bedroom producer, transformative healing enthusiast and darling of her diverse doof crew, Lauren hopes to enrich the important conversations that blossom from one of the greatest party cultures in the world.


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