The acclaimed psychedelic trance music festival Return to the Source is giving everyone a sample of what’s next with its recently introduced festivity in Melbourne. 

The doof festival is just one of the greatest psytrance sounds and grassroots events in the music landscape and guarantees round-the-clock sets. The event itself goes down in the Northern Victorian bushland from November 22 (Friday) & November 25 (Monday)

Meanwhile, the launch festival lineup including Megapixel, Pablo Anon, Zone Tempest and more DJs will keep spectators engrossed until the headliner not long from now. 


The official 1st and 2nd round lineup has landed! Stay tuned for many more acts to be announced!

First round and early bird tickets for the festival are already sold out (with limited 1st round remaining) while second round tickets are currently open.

Get your tickets HERE

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