This Tree-Planting Doof Looks Wicked


Are you beginning to feel like all your doofing this year has taken too much from the environment without giving enough back?

Simples! Why not head on down to a tree-planting doof? Enter Tree Psyde 2019: Creating Habitats.

The event’s mantra: Plant First, Party Second.

Held up in the gorgeous coastal town of Yeppoon, Central Queensland, the fun-filled weekend promises sustainability workshops, an all-Australian music line-up, a Gold Class twilight cinema night, and of course – the chance to get your hands dirty in the soil.

Over the past 6 years, Tree Psyde and its sister gatherings have collectively planted over 30,000 trees. Self-described as a ‘bush re-gen & re-veg gathering’, the organisers speak of ‘friends, food and frolicking in the fields.’ I don’t know about you, but to me this all sounds positively idyllic.

Perhaps less party-party, to be sure, but certainly not short on great conversations, chill vibes and awesome community.

The musical journey will be psy-based, with a focus on tranquil, healing sounds instead of those that provoke anxiety and stress (you know the ones). Grounding downtempo, Forest and Psybient styles can be expected, along with a good dose of cerebral prog and other psy subgenres.

Certainly looks wholesome…and super fun! Not only do you get to help create a verdant new habitat, but you also get to party with some awesome crews of producers and learn about how to live more consciously in the process.

The event takes place from Friday 19th April to Monday 22nd April 2019 in the tropical lower Whitsundays region.  Learn more and buy tickets here.

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After her first 'death pit' mosh at 14, Lauren became spellbound by the power of immersive music experiences. Except these days, she prefers deep doof conversations under a tree and the electronic grooves of a bangin' D-floor. But no matter the space, Lauren's always been drawn in by that sweet transcendent feeling of collective togetherness music can inspire. As a research writer, aspiring bedroom producer, transformative healing enthusiast and darling of her diverse doof crew, Lauren hopes to enrich the important conversations that blossom from one of the greatest party cultures in the world.


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