Tree Psyde : Creating Habitats



    Over the past 6 years, the Tranquil Platypus and Tree Psyde gatherings have collectively planted over 30,000 trees. However, this event has now evolved into more… it is now a bush re-gen & re-veg gathering, meaning we will be working on other land management techniques as well as planting natives. With our sights set on growing towards a sustainable community/lifestyle.

    Education, community support and teamwork are the key elements in the backbone of this event. A weekend filled with workshops and speakers on sustainable living/empowerment/ composting /music/survival/ dance & play. There will be hands-on lessons and fieldwork in land management and weed control. There will most definitely be tree planting and it all will be washed down by a talented collection of musicians and producers who will help us celebrate after all the hard work is done.

    This will be a musical journey through a range of different sub-genres of psy. From Psybient, psy bass, psy chill and downtempo, to dark progressive, full on and a touch of forrest… and all of it will be tranquil. Meaning it will free from anxiety and stress, healing to the ears ~ High quality WAV music through a beautifully tuned sound system, and featuring an all Australian producer line up. Supporting locals and keeping the spiral going.. It wont ALL be psychedelic electronic music however, we will have live performers and acoustic jams scattered throughout the festival.


    The event took place last April 19th – 22nd 2019 in Yeppoon, Central Queensland Coast. For more information on their latest and upcoming events, you may visit their official website here.

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