Volkiene’s music experiments an immense range of classy crossover progressive and high-intensity psychedelia. Getting inspiration from Techy Psy Prog methods, thrusting Full-On and enchanting hints of Forest, Volkiene overcomes any concerns between mediocre Dj playlists and innovative live shows coordinating digital drums, looping and sampling.

Making its way into Australia’s wider doof scene in 2015, Cam Volkiene’s nonstop endeavors have seen him increase a steady progress and respectful foundation inside differentiating music scenes across the country. Presently playing celebrated main stages locally, Cam’s concentration sits upon his personal sound and live set perfection related to his developing journey of music generation and global music adventures.

Pranava, Vic // after party // 2hour closing forest set

Pranava // after party // 2hour closing forest set🌘🌑🌒Lets keep this plain and simple… Pranava Street Party last weekend was an absolute killa party. This was 3 stage event, all of which showcasing some primo tunes from the realms of Techno, Dark Prog, Fullon and Forest. Epic people, epic vibes and EPIC BURGERS!! Daym….. some epic – burgers👌🍔___In all seriousness, the crew at Audio Habitat & Pranava are doing a great job.. They have done nothing but treat myself and other artists alike with the utmost respect and support. Massive thank you to the crew, the crowd and the friendly Ballarat'ians🤘ps. I think Im coming back in March x

Posted by VOLKIENE on Monday, February 4, 2019

Earth Frequency…. What can I say… Its hard to believe this is less then 2 weeks away. I have been manifesting for…

Posted by VOLKIENE on Sunday, February 3, 2019

Previous Events

Rabbits Eat Lettuce (NSW)
Psyfari Music Festival (NSW)
Regrowth Music Festival (NSW)
Electric Parade Music Festival (Syd City)
Subsonic Music Festival (Newcastle)
New Psycle (Newcastle)
Dragon Dreaming Music Festival (A.C.T)
Psyland (A.C.T)
Squared Senses Music Festival (A.C.T)
Yemaya Festival (Melb)
Earthcore – Dj Competition Winner (Melb)
Ergot Gathering (Melb)
Wild Horses Festival (Melb)
Tanglewood Music & Arts Festival (Melb)
Happy Daze Music Festival (Whit Sundays)
Orinaya Festival (Far North.Qld)
HOME Festival (S.E.Qld)
Elements Music Festival (S.E.Qld)

¬ 16th. Earth Frequency Festival (Qld Bush)
¬ 22nd. Transcendence (W.A, Perth bush)

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