It is safe to say that you are looking for that extreme psychedellic trance festival experience that’s why you’re here and you probably won’t re-think jumping on a plane to visit a few psytrance parties when you’re an enthusiast of the worldwide doof scene, going from intimate to the explosive ones. 

Stunning and colorful style, jaw-dropping backgrounds, masterful collaboration of lineups, perfectly set venues in an equally perfect weather, and a meeting with old and new companions – there are numerous reasons why everyone would desire to party anywhere in the world! 

Here’s a list of some of our preferred psytrance festivals worldwide.

Rainbow Serpent Festival

Rainbow Serpent Festival is a 4-day yearly outdoors electronic music, arts and a ‘way of life’ event that happens during the Australia Day (long) weekend, around end of January, in Lexton, Victoria.

The celebration is widely famous for psychedellic trace, simple techno, and relaxed music on its Main stage, yet highlights different sorts of electronic music and non-electronic music on its ‘little’ stages such as Market, Sunset, Chillout & Playground. The event doesn’t just feature music but it likewise has numerous art establishments, workshops, and various attractions. it has expanded from an exclusively music event to an event that stresses on well-being, sustainability, arts and crafts. Around 12,000 individuals go to this event yearly.

Origin Festival

Origin Festival 2018

ORIGIN is a weekend of conscious celebrations as the techno-shamanic clans from the urban areas, towns, fields and woods gather together in a valley of stunning raw magnificence to perform for life and the wonders of nature. 

Origin endeavors to advocate Love, Peace, Respect, and Unity for all, as they fortify their own worldwide network reliant on considerate party morals and regard for nature. 

They pride themselves in their involvement with community issues thus they allot a portion of their profits yearly to the development of neighborhood projects with some help from local municipalities.

Earth Frequency Festival

Earth Frequency 2019

Despite that Earth Frequency Festival is a once a year event, and in one way or another a passing through moment in individuals’ lives, they feel that what keeps this festival loaded with great vibes and a serene ambiance is its underlying sense of neighbourhood. They don’t see themselves as outsiders meeting up for just a simple party. They are a gathering of family and friends to make a wonderfully beautiful shared experience. As a network, they have a continuous duty to themselves and to the local community to keep up with the high standard of respectability and positive demeanor, thus they need to impart with everyone what they believe to be the guiding principle of Earth Frequency Festival.

Doof Festival

Doof festival 2019

Before, The Doof project was brought into the world as an underground event association in 1996 with the development of their name Doof Records that came later in 2002.

Presently, with the help of so much exposure in the scene, the Doof Festival has occurred since 2004 and from their early 1 day events it has developed to multi-day festivals since then.

Antaris Project

Antaris Project 2018

Celebrating 21 years, Antaris Projekt (Against War! For Friendship, Peace and Freedom) is one of the earlier parties in the [German] season and is known to be a welcoming environment for the whole family and foreign visitors. Did you know, Germany is Europe’s second largest beer drinking country!

Celebrating 25 years, Antaris Projekt – Against War! For Peace, Friendship, and Freedom – is one of the pioneering events in Germany and is well-known to be an inviting venue for the entire family and international guests.

These festivals also made it to our list.

Hill Top Festival

Where: Goa, India
When: February Annually

Festival Ometeotl

Where: Mexico

Respect Festival

Where: Brazil

Burning Mountain Festival 

Where: Switzerland

Shankra Festival

Where: Switzerland

Noisily Festival Of Music & Arts

Where: UK

S.U.N Festival

Where: Hungary

Summer Never Ends Festival

Where: Switzerland
When: July/August Annually

Momento Demento (MoDem) Festival

Where: Croatia

Psy-Fi Festival 2018

Where: Netherlands

Boom Festival 2018

Where: Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal

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