Yaga Gathering [Aug] (Lithuania, Europe)


Location: Lithuania, Europe.

Dates: August (2019).

Approximate Attendance: 3,000.

Yaga Gathering is a transformational festival hosted in a clearing in Ežeraitis Forest, at the edge of Spengla Lake in the Varėna District of southern Lithuania. The festival has no corporate sponsors, and is financed by ticket sales. The site of the festival is about 60 kilometres (37 mi) south of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

DJs and live bands from various countries perform on five stages: the Main Stage, the Forest Stage, the Concept Stage, the Chillout Stage and the Silent Stage. Classes and activities are mong the festival’s other attractions, including yoga sessions, handicraft workshops, and a children’s area. The design of the event space incorporates art installations and exhibits. Most of the festival infrastructure is built using biodegradable materials. Attendees are permitted to camp on-site.

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