Captain Hook – Origin (Iboga Records)


Release date: 29 November 2018

Captain Hook returns to the “Origin” and what he brings back from there is a story about the journey to the self – creatively unhindered and expressed freely in the form of a third album.

Always a pioneer in the synthesis of soundscapes, Captain Hook invites us to explore a world free of limitations and full of soul. Deep, hypnotic, and primal, Origin is in the best sense of the word, a mind-expanding journey. Origin is available as digital download, digipack CD, or as a truly unique 33RPM triple gatefold vinyl.

Track list:

1. Captain Hook – Let there be Light 0:00

2. Captain Hook – Time and Space 13:02

3. Captain Hook & Ritmo – Infinity 25:48

4. Captain Hook & Tetrameth – The Ever Present Silent Observer 34:54

5. Captain Hook – Origin 43:02

6. Captain Hook & Lish – Frankie’s Wish 53:12

7. Captain Hook – Deep Into Nature 1:02:31

8. Captain Hook – Serenity 1:16:17

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