Orin Aya [Aug] (Qld, Australia)


16-19 August 2019
Home Rule Rainforest Lodge


As dreamers, lovers and players upon this earth, we have found no better way to access these embodiments than through the collective gathering of like-hearted beings.

Brought together in a space of divinity and love for the sole purpose of celebration. 

It is here, that we believe true healing can occur. By creating a space where we are free to remember the joy of this moment, and the eternal love that surrounds us always, we aim to tap into something greater than ourselves as individuals, reaching for connection to each other and this sacred earth.

By fusing the representation of an entity of light with that of our dear medicine mother, (Orin-Aya) we aim to call in an experience of profound transformation. 

Orin-Aya is a dance, yet to be performed for the healing of the earth. 

Calling together all races, creeds and all tribe brothers and sisters to release the darkness that has sat so heavily upon our beings, and rejoice together once more in the eternal bliss of love. 

Allow the music to reach your veins and feel the heartbeat calling you to dance, dance with us all into the highest frequency of joy that we can manifest. 

This is how we can heal, this is where we will heal. Welcome home, you are guided, protected and forever loved. 

Now come and dance the night away, for we are the music makers, and we are meant to play.


For official line up, click here.


Orin Aya take place at Home Rule Rainforest Lodge, amazing property located just outside Rossville in Far north Queensland. Rossville is located north of the Daintree and Cape Tribulation just past the Bloomfield track, approximately 300 km north of Cairns and 40km south of Cooktown.

Cooktown is the nearest town north where you can get internet and phone reception, also you can found some small shops for food and camping gear.

If you driving from Cairns, the last big town you meet is Mareeba, approximately 240 km from the site.

The festival site is embraced by crystal clear water creek and crocodiles free water holes.

About 20 minutes walks far away from the festival, hidden in the most beautiful rainforest you can find the most magic sacred waterfalls.

Also on site you will find the access to Cedar Bay. Mangkalba (Cedar Bay), Ngalba Bulal National Park is the traditional country of the Eastern Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal community. Amazing walking track perfect to be done just after the festival with a big bunch of friends or as a couple as a relaxing private time together.

Something more you can find on site

Pure drinking water, filtered from the tap or straight from the waterfall
Blocks of toilets with hot showers
Cold Ice
Swimming water creeks and waterfalls
Food stalls with cold drinks and yummy hot and cold food
Market stall selling clothes, jewellers and more
First aid


Coastal Road

The coast road is considered the more scenic of the two routes, especially 4WD is highly recommended.

 Leaving Cairns you travel north to the Daintree River, cross the river via ferry (there is a fee, $18 one way), then continue through the Daintree Wet Tropics rainforest to Cape Tribulation.

 After Cape Tribulation the road becomes 4WD and climbs over the range (very steep with rocky creeks to cross) for 32kms until Bloomfield, cross the Bloomfield River bridge at Wujal Wujal Aboriginal Community and travel the now sealed road north through Ayton and along the edge of Cedar Bay National Park before reaching Rossville.

 Turn right at the centre of Rossville into River Road for the 3kms to Home Rule Rainforest Lodge. The scenery is spectacular all the way! Please be careful of the wildlife on the road.

Inland Road

This road is 100kms longer than the coastal road, however is a similar in travel time.

 This sealed road is easy access for all vehicles.  From Cairns take the road to Mareeba via the Kuranda Range.

 From Mareeba head to Mt Molloy and take the Mulligan Highway through Mt Carbine and past the Palmer River Roadhouse to Lakeland. 

At Lakeland continue along the Cooktown Developmental Road/Mulligan Highway, past Little Annan Gorge, as far as the right turn into the coast road, Shiptons Flat Road, just before Black Mountain National Park.

Travel south along the Shiptons Flat Road past the historic Lion’s Den Hotel (4kms) to the Bloomfield track to Rossville (9kms).  At the centre of Rossville, left turn into River Road for the 3kms to Home Rule Rainforest Lodge and the Festival grounds.  

This 3kms is a gravel road but not 4WD only.

Drive safe any road you take, enjoy the surrounding and be careful to wild life!


Please respect yourself, Others and Mother Land

As we are coming together to share an experience, there are few rules that we ask you to follow to make sure that everybody have a safe, peaceful and memorable journey:

  • Take home your trash and please clean your camp site  before you go
  • Respect local people in the area and be friendly as they let us host the event
  • Be aware there are kids around, please be caring about them, they are the most ancient souls
  • Drive very safely on site, on the way to the festival and on the way out and watch out for wild-life
  • Everybody must were wrist bands at all time
  • Respect others, they will respect you. Anti-Social behaviour will be not tollerated
  • Do not sneak in, and don’t let people sneak in in your car, you will be not allowed in and no ticket refund. We need your contribute to make this magic happens again
  • Glass is not allowed in the festival as it is hazard in many ways.

A warm thank to all of you in advance to participate and respect this few little very simple rules!


  • Bring cutlery from home, use it wash it and use it again!
  • Buy good long lasting camping gear so you can keep it for the next festival and don’t dump it on site
  • Your cigarette butt don’t check in on the ground! Put it in the bin or personal ashtray
  • Fill your car with friends, the less car driving the less carbon emission  
  • Bring your rubbish home and recycle it

You can get your tickets HERE. Hurry while it lasts!

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