The gates to Wonderland Festival will open again at a clearing at the Stemwede mountain. Every summer in the middle of the woods in-between trees and mushrooms, caterpillars and centipedes the valley transforms into a fairytale forest where everything is possible. Countless DJs and yogis, artists and shamans will gather to enchant the forest with you. On four dancefloors all genres of psychedelic music are played and our open spaces invite for camping on meadows and fields.


  • Waldfrieden Psy Club
  • Main Floor: Outdoor Psychedelic / Progressive Floor
  • Backyard Floor: Outdoor Alternative-Electro / Techno Floor
  • Hill Top Floor: Outdoor Forest / Hitech-Floor!
  • Healing Area
  • Chill Out Area
  • Market Area
  • Organic Veggie Food Area
  • Fire Space
  • Performer Stage
  • Camping Area

No entry before Thursday 12 Noon. Camping is possible until 12 Noon on Monday!


  • Free bus shuttle from train stations Lemförde and Rahden

To minimize the car traffic on the festival grounds we have to take 10 € road toll for every vehicle driving over the area.

We sell tents, sleeping bags and mats at the Bootschaft. 

Answers to frequently asked questions about our festivals can be found here.

Forest Law


You can only enter the festival if you are over 18 years of age with a valid identity card or passport. Juvenile minors are not allowed on the festival, unless they they are with their parents. Unfortunately we can not provide family camping so we do not recommend you to bring your children!


In Waldfrieden there is no place for racism, sexism, homophobia or any discriminatory behaviour and hateful ideology. This of course also means that nazis are not welcome here. Look out for each other. Those who do not respect these rules are kicked out, for example men who harass women.


To have enough room for dirty, tired and happy faces on the festival that will not appear on the internet please do not to take pictures of others without permission. There will be professional photographers taking pictures that will be uploaded here. If you appear on a picture against your will let us know and we will remove it.


It is our desire to limit the damage to nature as much as possible. Therefor all of our electricity is supplied by renewable energy sources and we ask the food shops to sell organic food only.
Please help us to also keep the direct environment of the Waldfrieden clean by using garbage bags and pocket ashtrays. Also please use the toilets instead of going in the forest or elsewhere for that purpose.


Dogs are not allowed on the area. Unfortunately we can not allow you to bring your dogs due to spatial conditions of the nature reserve and the animals that live here.

Graffiti & Confetti

Graffiti, markers and confetti may not be brought to any of our events! It is simply too much work to get rid of the garbage and paintings. Confetti also causes unnecessary environmental pollution. If you are interested in participating as graffiti artist you are welcome to apply and contact us. However, it is not permitted to bring spray cans and markers with you without permission!

Travel Info

Waldfrieden Events, Bergstraße 32, 32351 Stemwede – Wehdem

Arrival by car

For google maps route calculation click here.

Always drive clean and sober, be aware that there are frequent police checks on the roads to the festival!

Arrival by train

The closest train stations are in Lemförde and Rahden. From both train stations there is a free bus shuttle service to the festival. The busses drive very frequently. Please check the information pages for the festivals for the exact schedules which are released in the weeks before the festival.

To Lemförde you can easily get from Osnabrück or Bremen. From Osnabrück it takes about 15 minutes and from Bremen it takes about 50 minutes to get there.

For travelers who come from Bielefeld / Herford it is more convenient to take the train to Rahden. 

You can visit the website of Deutsche Bahn to check train schedules or book your tickets.

Arrival by plane

The closest airport is Münster Osnabrück. The second closest are Paderborn Lippstadt and Hannover. Of all these Hannover is the biggest airport.

Shuttle Bus

There is a free shuttle bus service from train stations Lemförde and Rahden for most events (not the Wald Healing!). A schedule with depature times for Hai in den Mai and Wonderland is released in the weeks before the festivals.


Here are the numbers of some taxi services in the area.

Stemweder Berg: 0 54 43 – 99 66 0
Engelbrecht: 0 54 43 – 88 27
Blanke: 0 57 71 – 21 07
Wehrmann: 0 54 74 – 63 10

A taxi from Lemförde train station costs about 25 €.

A taxi from Rahden train station costs about 30 €.



Waldfrieden is located in Stemwede near Osnabrück, Germany. Waldfrieden is german and means forest peace. Goa trance and spiritual events take place here.

The Waldfrieden is mainly known for its annual open air festivals “Wonderland” and “Hai in den Mai”. Wonderland was held for the first time in 1997, as one of the oldest Trance festivals in Europe it has grown and evolved for quite some years. There are also smaller partys and other events all year. 

It is our desire to limit the damage to nature as much as possible. Therefor bars and benches are built from the birch trees in the forest and flyers or posters are printed on recycled paper. All of our electricity is supplied by renewable energy sources and we ask the food shops to sell organic food only.

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