Elysium Gathering [Nov] (Victoria/NSW border, Australia)


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Friday 15 Nov 2019 noon – Sunday 17 Nov 8pm 2019 AEDT
Elysian lands, Murray River, Victoria/NSW border

Ely·si·um 👁 (noun)
1. A feeling of pure bliss or delight.
2. A place of gathering that showcases art, electronic music, performance and workshops.

Posted by Elysium Gathering on Wednesday, September 11, 2019
Where will you be November 15 👁? 
Come join us in the magic 🙏💫


Ikigai – A Japanese philosophy that translates to “A reason for being”.

Over the years we have attended doofs, festivals and gatherings at home and around the globe. Each special in their own way. We have embodied a range of elements we have considered virtuous, created some unique ones of our own, and discarded the rest. Leading us to our purpose, our Ikigai.

Creating environment that is abundant in art, music and learning through workshops. Resulting in attendees to deeply connect with the surroundings, themselves and one another.


Elysium Gathering 2019 line up


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Birthday tickets 🎂

Were you born between November 15-17? 

If so, your ticket to Elysium Gathering 2019​ will be just $100.00.

Send a photo of your ID to info@elysiumgathering.com.au and we will give you the code 

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