One of only a handful female electronic makers and a radical musician, Deya Dova wires the hearty human-ness and exotic intensity of her voice with the cutting-edge futurism of Global Bass sound.

Incorporating old song lines / tribal sounds and suggestive story telling with picturesque soundscapes, banging bass, textural glitch and totemic beats, Deya Dova conjures a whimsical sanctuary vibe and conveys euphoric ethnicism to the dance floor. 

Deya was conceived “behind the veil“. As per legend, these individuals acquire an inborn association between the universes. What’s more, it is this supernatural, profound spiritualism and memory that oozes from Deya’s stage presence, phenomenal voice and music.

A genuinely inventive and transformative artist, her live shows are both a tasteful musical and a visual entertainment. Playing with her band, live instruments, natural percussion, vocal looping, petroglyphic projections and guest ritual specialists, Deya knits a life-lifted dance floor experience mixed with ladylike magic.

Yes! Only 4 wks to go. We're super amped to be playing Earth Frequency Festival 2019. Last year was another big…

Posted by Deya Dova on Sunday, January 20, 2019

For over 10 years Deya Dova’s collections have been highly listened to in cult music selections worldwide. Her musical adventures included Global Electronica, Breakbeat, Ambient, Glitch Hop, DownTempo, & homegrown trance. Deya’s first creations began in the Australian desert testing and recording on area inside the scene. Today, Deya is recognised for her transformative journey, shapeshifting and traditional reinvention, giving her lush beliefs through her music and voice as well as through her visuals, illustrations and ensembles. 

Deya Dova’s extraordinary & consistently advancing shows have seen her play celebrations such as Beloved Festival USA, Wanderlust USA, Symbiosis Gathering USA, Diversity Festival CAN, Sonic Bloom USA, Atmosphere Gathering CAN, Burning Man Festival USA, Enchanted Forest Festival USA, Inspire Truth NYE Portland USA, Evolve Festival NZ, Luminate Festival NZ, Bali Spirit Festival Indonesia, Earth Frequency Festival, Unity Concert 2014 USA, Splendor in the Grass, Seven Sisters Festival, Rainbow Serpent Festival, Falls Festival, Byron Spirit Festival, Uplift Festival, Peats Ridge Festival, Southern Oracle Festival, Exodus Festival, Maya Festival, Woodford Festival and more. 

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