Fire Element Embodied- Eve Olution

Eve Olution performing "Element of Fire" Live. Her various characters are portrayed during the live sets of Kalya Scintilla, leaving audiences in awe of the many faces & many stories woven inside her embodied archetypes.Ogden TheatreKalya Scinitilla Song title: Mystic FlameVisuals: Pickles Visuals

Posted by Eve Olution on Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Eve Olution is a universally renowned Storyteller, Performer & Theatrical Director. She inspires an interesting style of theatre inside deliberate ritual welcoming the listeners into a living background of ethnic wisdom secured in folklore. With her preparation in homophonic theatre, Eve has alchemized customary theatre methods with developing themes of stereotypical analysis that are instinctively woven all through her exhibitions. Through committed exercises and educating of average vitality, her aesthetic center is in delivering these live fresh transmissions to bring out rejuvenation, stimulation, and purification to the gathering of people. Following quite a while of exercising her ability into this artistic expression, Eve inhales unmistakable enchantment with each execution.

Eve carries with her a broad foundation in theater which started at a young age. Her energy has been dependent in established classical performance just as an emphasis on different artistic expressions from societies around the globe. With broad training in various kinds of plays, direction, performance art and production, her way rapidly ended up committed to this work of art. The motivation of her coaches and incredible instructors of this field led to her finishing her Bachelor of Arts degree in Visual Performance and immediately after began her very own Children’s Theater. The following years she discovered her way toward the west coast and submerged herself into a flourishing art community. She started joining art celebrations here and there and with her new found inspiration to further her craft, she spearheaded the creation of performances that would have impact to the lives of these people. The energy to make and serve this small community this manner had turned into her central goal and commitment. Presently she ventures to every part of the globe offering her heart and devotion to the empowerment of those eager to understand her work.

Eve is persistently discovering transpersonal mind studies, legend, old stories, supernatural theories, execution, and the rejuvenating arts so as to incorporate herself totally in what she educates and offers through her masterful expressions. As a course for the dreams she gets, she dedicates to presenting these transmissions with the intent of healing, awakening & activation for every one of the individuals who come to observe. Eve is forever thankful for the unbelievable number of women she has teamed up with and generally commits her motivation to make this theatre center to them. 

EFF2019 Music Lineup – 3rd Announcement Recap

EFF2019 Lineup Recap !! With our 3rd music announcement dropping last week, things are looking quite epic for the music journey next festival. Here's a recap of the lineup so far, and we have our final music announcement coming in November to round things off! 💚🌿2nd round tickets moving fast .. jump in now to lock in your place at EFF2019!! ⇢ Dub FX Live Luigi Madonna Desert Dwellers Sonic Species Marvel Years Electrypnose The Upbeats HypoGeo Kalya Scintilla with Eve Olution Spoonbill Ensemble Grouch in Dub Band Nanoplex Truth Merkaba with Eve Olution Birds of Paradise Deya Dova Dov1 Matiu Te Huki Hatzler Kromagon Ben Coda Hypnotech jossie Telch kLL sMTH The Strides Whitebear Tetrameth The Librarian Fabio Leal Liquid Bloom Thankyou City Smilk Hugo & Treats Safire griff Doppel Pspiralife bumble Bass To Pain Converter Cheshire Purple Hayes Xsetra 2Dogs Victor Y Megapixel Murray Kyle Volkiene Mood Swing & Chevy Bass ZigMon Eartheogen Surge Paul Abad PsymonsmiGGle Elbow Z.I.V Butterz Jesse Kuch LoaThe 4'20' Sound Fat Picnic Trickbox Doe Tranceducer Birrang Miil Mob Mickey Space Mapstone Duos mIDium Jesswah & Friends Heavy Mix KartelB-Syde APRÓ + Wilma Freestyle Mafia Skurge Torusphere Christian Kerr iSh Shallie Selecta Savage Malcolm

Posted by Earth Frequency Festival on Tuesday, October 16, 2018
“Unveiling the mysteries through her heart
her every move her every breath
Pulsating with Passion, undulating in ecstasy
She devotes her being to the awakening
of every cell of every inch of her body
for she knows these molecules are the keys
the keys to the ultimate liberation
and when they unlock their codes
she is the connection to the infinite…
for within her is the earth, the sun, the moon
and all of existence…she is the key
she is the portal of Divinity”

–Eve Olution
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