Amar Dhall

Label Dj (Altar Records)


Dr. Amar Dhall is a Label DJ for Altar Records in Canada and an on-call DJ for Radio Q37 with his spot ‘Chilling In The Blissed-Out Groove Temple‘. He also rated seventh in 2016 and sixth in 2017 Chill DJ in the prestigious Psybient.Org yearly charts. On top of these, he’s a Doctor of Law with post practice of Psychotherapy specialising in Jungian approach.

For the most part, he plans relaxed ventures built to speak to any music worshipper that intentionally draws in with their sense of listening. A specific set may vary under any classification such as relaxed, dynamic, IDM, breaks, psydub, glitch hop, trance, ambient, house, dub step, bassgreat music is great music!

” As I enter the middle stage of life I feel like I am finally learning how to ‘drive’ the body I inhabit. Over the last few years I have ‘worked’ with men and women and found joy in empowering others, which I could do only once I had learned to empower myself. ”

– Dr. Amar Dhall

When there’s no other option he would endeavor to share the experience of a first class house party outdoors. Sit back and venture into the music or more willingly get up and personify it – bring yourself and appreciate a few magnificently created, cautiously chose intellectual music that is set up with much passion.

Dr. Amar has already played at various festivals including Regrowth, Dragon Dreaming, Yemaya Festival, Desert Dwellers, Rainbow Serpent, among others. 

Don’t hesitate to connect with him to check his other creative projects in case you’re feeling it.

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