Marvel Years

Independent, United States


The producer and guitarist also called Marvel Years (Cory Wythe in real life), has discovered an appreciated place for himself inside the inexorably well known electro-soul dance music scene. Substantially more than your normal DJ/producer, Marvel Years is an unbelievable guitarist for his age. In such a brief timeframe, his development has turned out to be very difficult to overlook. His way in dealing with creative blend of electronic beats and heartfelt guitar on his unique tracks and remixes makes a sound that is an interesting infusion of EDM arranging glitch, soul, jazz, retro-funk, hip-hop, & classic rock. 

As a result of his promising talent, it was no surprise that he captured the eye of other noticeable artists in the industry. His debut live performance  supporting Pretty Lights in Boston MA in July 2013 has been pursued with a noteworthy measure of opportunities & achievement. The same year he showed up performing two of his tracks with Mikey Thunder at Pretty Lights sold out Red Rocks show. Soon thereafter, he was welcome to take off on a multi-week bus tours in support for GRiZ’s Rebal Era Tour. At that point, in the fall of 2013, Cory was offered a chance to do a remix for Pretty Lights – “Where I’m Trying To Go” that was released on December 10. In 2014, Marvel Years set out on his first ever nationwide tour with fellow newcomers Krooked Drivers and Muzzy performing on less popular settings and clubs in 14 new markets on the “Retro Electro Tour”. Soon thereafter he was welcomed to join The Floozies and Exmag on the “Back On It Tour”. He sealed an amazing number of gigs on festivals & events where he caught the attention of contemporary audience with his inexorably prominent and fresh music .

The year 2015 proved to be a great year for the continually developing artists. Supporting one of his musical influences Gramatik at the Best Buy Theatre in NYC he showcased a standout performance that made his presence known. His schedule remained full and was set to play with artists like Exmag, Break Science, and Manic Focus. He likewise performed in support for a close to full house show for House of Blues Chicago notwithstanding another noteworthy act as a guitarist for the debuting Manic Focus Live Band. 

Watch out for this promising artist who has those easy crazy furrows on bolt and grow into being wondered on your own.

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